Would you Survive MLP Cupcakes?

I don't recommend you read and/or watch it if you are a fan of Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie. Very Scary!

published on February 06, 201731 responses 8
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What breed of pony are you?

I'm a Unicorn.
I'm a Pegasus
I'm a Earth Pony.
I'm an Alicorn.

Pinkie asked you to come over. You said you'd be there. You walked in and she shove a cupcake into your face. You...

Hey Pinkie! Oh for me?
Thanks! I love cupcakes!
Wow! Thank you.
Thanks but no thanks. I'm on a diet.

Whatever you picked you ate the cupcake. You feel dizzy. You fall to the floor. What is the last thing you see?

Pinkie laughing.
My friends.
My home.
My Life.

When you wake up you noticed that you are strapped down. Pinkie is about to cut off your Cutie mark. You...

No! Please don't!
Why? Aren't we friends?
Please let me go!
If you cut off my Cutie mark I'll throw you in my dungeon!

Pinkie ignored you and cut it off. Then she cut off your wings/horn/hooves. You...

Scream in pain.
Try to move.
Shoot mean looks at Pinkie.

You think "I've got to escape!" So How are you going to do that?

I could wait until Pinkie tries to cut me again and move to make her cut the strap.
Maybe I could convince her to let me go.
Keep talking until she can't stand me anymore.
Threaten her.

Pinkie cut you open and start to remove your organs. You...

She cut the strap. I'm free!
She let me go but said she would find me.
She just killed me to make me stop talking.
I found a way out with my brains.