Are a good girl or a bad girl?

There are good people, bad people, and some who are a bit of both. Who are you?

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If you were walking in the mall and someone bumped into you, what would you do?

"Watch where you are going!"
"Oh, sorry."
Get up and just wave bye.

You forgot your homework and the teacher calls you to give her/him your homework. What would you do?

Lie and say I lost it or something.
Tell the truth and ask for another copy.
Let the teacher figure it.

You're playing a video game and you team mate kills you, not on accident. What would you do?

"You F***ING C***T!!!!!!!!!!!" And then kill them back.
"Hey, watch it."
"Why did you kill me?! Don't do it again."

You see someone getting bullied, you?

"Hey what's going on here?"
"F*** OFF bullie!"
Walk away and pretend nothing happened.

What if you were the one being bullied?

Walk away.
"Your being rude, leave me alone." And walk away.
Push the bullie off you, and cuss him/her out.

You broke a plate on accident at home, you...

Tell your parent(s) the truth.
"Damn." And clean it up as quick as possibale.
Make up an excuss.

Your parent(s) say you can't go to this party you wanted to go to, you...

Beg them.
Sneak out.
Obey and stay home.

Ok now, see you later, maybe.

Thank you! It's finally over! This took too damn long.
Thanks, see you later, maybe.

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