Would You Survive In The Hunger Games Arena?

Would You Survive In The Hunger Games Arena?

Ever wondered how you would fare if you took part in the infamous Hunger Games? Take this quiz to discover your chances of survival!

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The horn blows and everybody is running either to the Cornucopia or running away. You see a silver sword gleaming in the sunlight next to a small, dry loaf of bread. But there is a Career who seems bent upon getting there first. What do you do?

I run toward her and try to grab the sword and bread before her.
I wait until she is about to grab the sword, then jump on her and try to wrestle her to the ground and grab the
sword and bread.
I run away toward the forest. My chances are better there than fighting a Career
I quickly grab the sword and try to stab her, then pick up the bread and run. Very, very fast.
I look for other items that would be more obtainable.

You're running through the forest. You stop when you think it's safe and you're alone. But you need to find shelter. What do you decide on?

Climb into a tree and strap yourself to the tree with your jacket (kind of like Katniss Everdeen).
Try to build a shelter out of branches and leaves and sleep under it for the night.
Light a fire for warmth and sleep under a tall tree and change location in the morning.

It's morning. You are hungry and your muscles are aching. What do you do?

Try to hunt a small animal. You're just too hungry.
Try to find a new location. You don't want any of the Tributes to find you.
Rest a bit more. You might need your strength later.

You're at your camp. You hear a rustle in the bushes. You grab your bow (which you got from a dead tribute you came across. His killer probably wanted to get out of there fast.) and arrows and pull your arrow and get ready for a fight. "Who (or what) are you?" You shout, trying to hide your fear. It's your fellow tribute from your district. He says he wants to make an alliance. What do you do?

Attack him. You will not trust anyone.
Agree. You decide to trust him. He's from your district after all, why wouldn't you have each other's backs?
Agree, but you decide to kill him while he's sleeping.

You and you're ally (his name is Viper) and you're at the lake. A Mockingjay flies past, singing a romantic tune. Viper wraps his arm around you (you two have a very trusting relationship and would never think of turning on one another). You look up at him and he tries to kiss you. What do you do?

I let him kiss me. I love him.
I pull away. I can't have a romantic relationship if I want to win.
I'm a guy...
I either attacked him or killed him in the last question.

(Last Question) It's nearly the end of the Games. Somehow, you have managed to survive. You have endured injuries, killed Tributes and fought for survival. (I didn't put more of a story in so you could leave it up to your imagination :D) But you have lost along the way. Viper was killed by muttations and you made another ally (Her name was Willow.) who was killed by a Career. In this emotional and physical roller coaster you have one more obstacle. To kill Bea (your last opponent). You run to the Cornucopia and wait for her to arrive. After about half an hour, she comes out of the forest, cautious. How do you choose to end this Games?

Shoot arrows at her. When she is down, stab her in the heart.
Run and let her come to you. Then when she is searching for you, stab her from behind.
Admit defeat. At least die with dignity and stab yourself.