Which bat are you on Gregor The Overlander ?

Which bat are you on Gregor The Overlander ?

Which bat are you and who will you bond with - will you be Ares, Aurora or Nike - Answer Truthfully

published on December 02, 20164 responses 0

Someone is threatining your friends what do you do

Vote in favour of the most exciting plan
Hurt them because they threatend your friends
Forgive them if they promise not to hurt your friends
Protect Your Bond and friends
Take them out a clever way.

Who do you want to bond with?


Are You?

Brave, Puts her bond before herself and has a thirst for adventure.
An outcast, but is loyal to his few friends - will hurt anyone who threatens his friends
Forgiving, great fighter, understanding
Best Bond ever
Hates violence, never quick to the sword prefers the pen.

You friends are at war what would you do?

Flying in to save the day
Going to batlle - it doesnt matter if I die - cause i am an outcast
Do whats right
Do whatever your Bond Does?
Go to the council

Who is your best friend bat or human or rat

The whole council...