Faction - Your Divergent Story - Part 3

Faction - Your Divergent Story - Part 3

The third installment of the "Faction - Your Divergent Story" quiz series! You've just discovered your new Faction, and now you're going through the process of learning more about Divergent and finally going there! Good luck!

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Hi! So, in the last quiz, you discovered which Faction you would be going to, right?

Yeah. (Me: Which one?) Oh yeah. Abnegation. :)
Yep! I'm Amity! :)
Totally Candor.
Mhm. Dauntless.
Yes: Erudite.

You're still waiting in the small room where you were taken after the Test. You received a package of things that you might need. What was in the package?

An Abnegation outfit, along with a small purse filled with dried foods, gloves, etc. that I can give out to anyone who needs
A pretty Amity outfit, beaded sandals, a charm bracelet, a flower barrette, a pair of cute gummy bear earrings, a recipe book,
a friendship-bracelet making kit, and some candy.
A Candor outfit, pearl earrings, a black stone bracelet, and lots of stationery.
A Dauntless outfit and non-loaded gun.
An Erudite outfit, along with a pair of glasses, a laptop, and a bunch of books.

A large man with tons of tattoos slams open the metal door. He grabs your arm and pulls you out into a hallway. It's long and winding, with tons of doors.

What's wrong with him? (Me: -_- Nothing.) Oh, but... (Me: Sh!) OK.
Don't automatically overreact. He's probably just taking me to Divergent or whatever.
"Hey! Let me go!" (Man: *ignores you*) -_-
*punches him* (Man: *ignores you*) Agh!! *punches again* (Man: *still ignores you*) -_-
Stay calm. There's no logical reason for him to hurt me. They're probably taking me back to the white room. Unless there is
another place we need to go.

He opens another wide metal door and shoves you inside. The door slams shut behind you. The lighting in here isn't as bright as it was in the white room. There are bunk beds - normal, wooden ones this time - lining all of the walls. The middle of the room has a bunch of couches in a circle.
You notice that there are names on the beds. You search until you find yours.
Above you is a girl around your age. She has long black hair, bright green eyes, and glasses.
Girl: Hi! What's your name?

My name is ___. What's yours?
Girl: My name's Taylor. *smiles*
*smiles sweetly*
Hi! My name's ___. What's yours?
Girl: My name's Taylor. *smiles*
*smiles back, then starts chatting*
My name is ___. What's yours?
Girl: My name's Taylor. *smiles*
How'd you end up here? I got kidnapped after school.
Taylor: *smile falters* I really don't want to talk about that.
But... (Me: Be quiet! *covers your mouth with duct tape*)
Why should I tell you?
Girl: *looks surprised* Well, I suppose you don't have to...
JK. The name's ___. You?
Girl: *smiles* Taylor.
I'm ___. Do you know what we're doing here? And who are you? And where are you from?
Girl: *smiles* Um.. I'm Taylor. *kind of frowns* I'd rather not talk about anything else right now.
But... I have so many questions!
Taylor: *shakes head* Sorry.

You lie in bed for about a minute, just thinking. You think about...

Everyone else here. How'd they get here? What happened to them?
My family. I miss them. Will they know what happened? Will they call the police?
Home. School. Friends.
I don't think. I punch the wall.
Everything: Why are we here? How is this going to happen? Is my family OK? How did they get so many people here? Have
they done this before? What time is it? etc.

Suddenly in the middle of the room, something starts to rise from the floor. It's circular, and it is directly in the middle of the circle of couches. A circle of the same size lowers from the ceiling directly above it.
When they meet, it starts to play, like a TV. You see Ms. Lia on the screen, along with someone you don't recognize.
Ms. Lia: I would like it if everyone would please have a seat on these couches.
As if by magic, again, everyone obeyed her.
Ms. Lia: *smiles sharply, not quite a happy smile at all* The most basic information is the Factions. I have explained these thoroughly, correct?

Yep! *smiles*
"YES!" (Everyone: *gives you a "shut up" look*) Oops.. Hehe..
Yes, duh, just hurry.
Thoroughly enough. I already know everything about them.

Ms. Lia continues. "This is my assistant, Ms. Dori. She will explain everything else. Dori," she steps aside, out of the view of the camera, and Ms. Dori steps forward.
"Welcome, everyone! We appreciate all of your cooperation and participation in this event!"

*looks around at everyone* Was I the only one who was kidnapped?
*nods* You're welcome!
"No problem!" (Everyone: *gives you the "shut up" look times ten*) OK. Shutting up now.
Cooperation! I was drugged, taken here against my will, manhandled, and... (Me: Yep, you were. Now be quiet.) No! This
is... (Me: *covers your mouth with duct tape* Shush!) *glares*
This is so confusing... So I was the only one taken here against my will? Or is she being sarcastic? Does she even know?

"Anyway, there are some things I should explain. You will be placed in this society as Dependents. You will all be assigned families. We've already determined your Factions, as obviously shown by your attire."

Yes, I guess. (Me: How do you survive that? Isn't it hot?) No, not really, actually.
Yeah. I love these sandals!
Yep. I love the pearl earrings and bracelet!
Mhm. About the gun, though...
Yes. I love these glasses!

"There are many other details; but these are the major points that I must make: As Dependents, you go to school. Yes, school. However, on your sixteenth birthday, you will all take an Aptitude Test. This Test will determine which Faction is best suited for you. The next day, you will all choose the Faction that you will spend the rest of your lives in."

*looks around at everyone else* Did they really all volunteer to come? They look so... Scared.
Wait; the rest of our lives? Will we ever go home?
"Why? Why are we here? Why should we do what you're saying?" (Me: You go girl!) (All the other Girls: *don't give you the
look this time; they seem to admire you now*)
Why should we? I won't. I'm busting out. Tonight. (Me: Well...) I am. (Me: OK, maybe... Maybe that's a great idea! Thanks!)
No problem. *smirks*
Too... many... questions...

"For the next day or two, you'll stay here. We'll teach you all that there is to know. Then you'll leave. For now, good night."
The TV thing switches off, and in its place is a hologram of a clock. The lights all go out, and all we have to see by is its faint glow.
You scramble over to your bed. Taylor climbs up onto the bed above you.
"Would you please talk to me?"
Taylor sighs. "Maybe tomorrow..."
The last thing you hear is her yawning.

Goodnight! Zzz...
Zzz... Zzzzzz... ZzzZZzzZ...
"Night everyone!" (Everyone: *softly chorus back* Night!)
Must... Stay... Awake.. To... Bust... Out... Zzzzzz...
This is... strange... never been... this... tired... before... *gasp*... must be... sleeping gas.... Zzzz...