Are You A Vampire? (3)

I was bored so I made this for fun! I hope you enjoy! and if you are one pls don't kill me i'm innocent!

published on November 16, 201462 responses 38 4.9★ / 5

Are your veins purple?

Surprisingly yes, yes it is.

Do your eyes change into a different color when your mad?

Yeah ...

Do you have sharp/long teeth?


Do you get mad easily?

Nope ...

Do you like blood?

I think its cool.
No its nasty!
I like it but I don't like to smell, taste, or suck on it.

Does the sun feel warmer on your skin?

Yeah sometimes it burns and, sometimes it just feels real warm ...
Nope same old body tempature!

Do you have REALLY pale skin?

Yeah its weird!
Nope normal.

When you look at blood do you ever want to just go drink it?

Yeah ...
No ...