how mean are you?(girls only)

how mean are you? are you a filthy little... well,you know. or a hard solid mean girl, or are you sometimes mean, sometimes nice,or a nice girl that everyone adores?

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how many friends do you have...let me rephrase the question. how many REAL friends do you have

a few
more than ten

role play...a nerdy girl was walking down the hallways and accidentally bumped into you , the pile of books she's carrying fell down and the heaviest one fell directly onto your toes,ouch! you...

yell ,''WATCH WHERE You're GOING,NERD!!! ''and shove her
roll your eyes at her
you ignore her
you forgive her and help her pick up her books

are you easily angered


yeah,role play again...your bff is flirting with your crush, you...

spread fake rumours about her, try to make your crush hate her and stop being friends with her
stop being friends with her
yell at her
forgive her , she's your bff ! you think you are mean

a little