Are you mean or nice, or average?

This is about whether or not you are mean nice or average the only reason descriptions are really dumb ok bye

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You see someone in the hallway drop their books what do you do?

Help them pick up there books and make sure they have everything
Walk away it's not my problem
Try to help or Pick up a few things and then walk away

You see someone cheating off of your test, what do you do?

You stare at them or nudge them to let them know u know then flip them off discreetly
You tell the teacher
You cover up your answers better

You see someone you know sitting alone in the cafeteria what do you do?

You walk away without a second glance
You walk up to them and ask them what is wrong but don't sit next to them.
You sit next to them and talk to them about whatever is bothering them

You see someone getting bullied, what do you do?

You go tell a teacher regardless of who they are
The kid getting picked on used to bully you, so You walk away
You are the bully

You and your best friend in the whole world are walking down a busy street when all of a sudden, a stranger your age walks up to your freind and starts talking to them, neither you or your freind know who they are. What do you do?

You smile at him ask her who is and treat him nicely, but you know to be very cautious
You ask him what he wants in a serious, yet nice tone
You grab your friends arm and continue walking at a slightly faster pace in the opposite

Your at home and the phone rings, you don't recognize the number... What do you do?

You don't answer it
Your don't answe it but write down the number and make a note to your parents to call
them back
You answer the phone

(Pretend you have an ex boyfriend) and he says he wants to get back together. What do you do? (Not what you feel, but what you do regardless of what you feel)

You slap him in the face and start swearing at him because how dare they come begging
for forgiveness after what they've done
You tell him you'll consider it.
You smile and have a conversation about why or why not you want to be together again

What do you think you'll get (be honest)

Idk I think I'm nice but honestly I didn't answer these questions very nicely...
I gave you my honest opinion
Some of these questions are kinda weird and wouldn't ever really apply to a real life
situation that I would get myself into,
I already know what the answer is... I've taken so many
I honestly think I'll get the mean one bc I don't really think I'm a nice person
I'm proud of what my answer will be... I already know it and I don't really care.....
Ugh hurry up


Byee! The quiz was great!