Girl! What's your style?

Girl! What's your style?

A quiz to determine what your favorite clothing style is. Or you could discover a new style to try out!

published on December 27, 201447 responses 13 4.9★ / 5

It`s Friday night you want to ( you make like many of the choices, but choose your favorite)(If you like none of the choices, answer as if you had to do one of these).

Playing sports
Watching sports
Go to a party, or night out
Play video games
watch TV
Read a book

What is the worst thing that your clothes can make you look like

Looking desperate
Looking old
Looking dirty, or ratty
Looking not chic
Looking all frail, and weak
Looking too flashy

If you had to join one which would it be (pretend you haven`t joined any teams, clubs, or anything)

country club
Art lessons
Cheerleading squad
Soccer team
Celebrity fanclub

Which made up clothes store would you most likely go into(based on name)

Flowing, and floral fashions
Wild style
sunshine style
Luxury City
Go Team! Fashions
Simply stylish

What is the perfect swimsuit for a relaxing day at the pool

Any solid color swimsuit, without ribbons or lace
A tankini(2 piece where top comes all the way or most of the way down), or bikini made of REAL material
A bikini to show off your toned body, but can also stretch, and stays on through swimming practice laps
A tankini with ribbons, or lace
A leopard print bikini
A bright colored bikini, tankini, or one-piece

You`re going on a date. But where?

A sports game
To the coffee shop/cafe
a movie(and don't talk much)
a movie(and talk )
To the mall
A flashy resturant

What do you wear on a casual date

What you normally wear, MAYBE a little better
A nice, but casual dress
Your favorite tanktop, and shorts
A cute skirt, with an even cuter pink T-shirt
Your cutest shorts, or skirt, and shirt with your favorite cartoon, or anime character
Flashy clothes that make you too hot to handle

Which is the biggest fashion don`t

Too many colors or patterns
Wearing last season`s clothes, or otherwise tasteless fashion
wearing cheap looking clothes
Looking like a fancy doll
Looking bland/boring
Wearing clothes that should`ve been in the mens section