What Dark Type Pokemon Are you?

What Dark Type Pokemon Are you?

Only a select few pokemon are results, so keep that in mind. Dark type pokemon are some of the best... Which one are you?

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What role do you play at a party.

The concerned friend
The person who doesn't want to be there
The host
The life of the party
The crasher
The activity leader
The smart one, who thinks about tomorrow, but has some fun

Your friend is crying about a breakup. What do you do?

Tell them to get over it, it's pretty much all they can do.
Try your best to help them get over it, and maybe find someone new.
Invite them out somewhere fun, to take their mind off of it
Explain logically why it was for the best, or what would be the most realistic option to get over it.
I don't know...

Which phrase appeals to you the most?

Being alone, and being lonely are 2 different things
Always help others
Living like today is your last
Do (almost) whatever to get what you want
Sacrifice whatever you have to in order to make a better world/society
Take control of what you can
Never back down

What role would you like to play in an operation

The brains
The medic
The leader
The main offense
The main defense
The spy

You upset your mom. Why?

She didn't like the logical answer to her problem
She misunderstood me...
She was "Disapointed" with me
You didn't let her push you around

What advice is best?

Watch over the weak
Train the weak
Eliminate the weak
Protect the weak

Pick a phrase.

I only hurt to help
I play to win
Respect is earned, not given
Knowledge is power
Others will only screw you over
Always speak the truth

You want to run for student body president... How do you handle it.

You think of what would appeal to people the most.
You address real issues only.
You try to tackle real issues, and things that would appeal.
You just make sure your campaign is the best.

Are your social skills good?

Not really...
They can be, but I just stay to myself.
I guess, but I go my own way about things

Pick a lifestyle

Helping others, but having some fun as well
Gaining knowledge
Leading, or teaching others
Having fun, and living life to the fullest

Do you like to please others

If it will teach, or help them
No unless it gives me benefits
Not at all