Which Inanimate Object Are You?

Which inanimate object would you be? Take this quiz to find out! Remember, don't take it personally. It's just a fun little quiz.

published on June 08, 201615 responses 1

What's your biggest weakness?

Not being helpful enough.
Keeping others happy so much that I forget to keep myself happy.
I get involved in people's business too much. I'm just trying to help though!
I get too mad when someone hurts someone else. But I can't help it. It isn't right!

What's the most important thing in friendship to you?

Courage- to stand up for your friend.
Hospitality- giving anything for your friend when they need it.
Peace- don't get you or your friend into any conflict.
Reliability- relying on your friends to comfort you when you need it.

What's something that you really want to stop?

People who take advantage of me.

What's your biggest strength?

I can stand up for anyone who needs it.
I'm nice to everyone no matter what.
I don't get involved in any kind of drama.
I'm there to comfort people who need it.

What's your favorite animal?

Lion- they can protect themselves and others.
Turtle- they don't get themselves in trouble.
Bunny- they're nice to cuddle with when you're sad.
Dog- they do whatever you tell them to do just to keep you happy.

Someone is being bullied. What do you do?

Stand up for the victim.
Walk away. I don't want to be bullied!
Be there to comfort the victim afterwards.
Don't do anything. I'm not getting involved in any drama.