What shadows of evil character are you?

Jackie? Floyd? Jessica? If you reckon nero dont bother coming anywhere near me

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What is the first perk you buy?

Quick revive incase i fall and lose it all...
Speed cola so they cant catch me when im in a spot of bother
Double tap so i can shoot bullets faster that kills them faster
Jugger nog so i can stay strong at all times

What zombie do you like better?

Normal zombie don't have it in me to deal with anything better
Parasites helps me practice my accuracy
The margwa the bigger they are the harder they fall
Insanity elementals they just roll up and hand me points

Favourite type of gun to use

A shotgun anything that helps me kill them quick
A nice assult rifle with not too much recoil
Anything with a lot of ammo that'll do me
A heavy machine gun thats gonna have ammo who cares about recoil?

Favourite power up?

Nuke it really packs a punch
Double points for hitting a big pay day
Insta kill gets rid of them quicker
Fire sale more guns cheaper and more often

Who are you most like

Jackie he's just an amazing character
Jessica hot and badass
Nero ..............
Everyone likes a badass boxer