How tough are you?

How tough are you?

Its in the tital. How tough are you really? Sorry if the results are not correct.

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In gym class you get hit in the head hard with a basketball and you fall to the floor. What do you do?

Get back on your feet then hunt down the jerk who did that to you. You mission: revenge!
Stand up like it was no big deal then head to washroom to cry in private
Laugh it off but your worried of who saw you on the ground.

You just got home from a date with a guy at your school. You go online and see that your date is going on about how rubbish the date was even if you did enjoy it. What do you do?

Revenge. Do the same thing to your date. What? He started it!
Leave a comment saying how you had a off day and that maybe you guys should try again
Pass out from embarressment. Once online. Its stay online. T.T

Your at the doctors and your told that your behind on your vaccinations. You need to get 5 shots on the spot plus a blood test. What do you do?

Flex and tell the doctor you have no problem with this at all because the truth don't!
Close your eyes and hold your will all be over soon...
No big deal. Sure, needles are not the nicest thing in the world but but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Someone you have never talked to walks up to you at school and threatens you out of nowhere. What do you do?

Rally up your friends. You mess with me, you mess with all of us! >:D
Confront the person. No ones threatens you and gets away with it!
Ignore them. You don't even know them. It would just waste your time and energy.

Your in a fight. Perfered attack?

A hard punch to the face. Always knocks em down.
Get the hair! Get the hair!
A kick in the nuts...yep. I went there!