What Emotion Are You? (1)

By taking this quiz, you won't just find out what your emotion is, but how it effects your daily life :D Have fun

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What do you do in your spare time?

Mostly sit alone in front of a mirror and contemplate about life.
Call my friends and ask if they wanna hang. If so, we go do some cool stuff!
Sit alone
Smoke/ Vape/ Hang with druggies/ Talk about drugs...
Mostly I think about the horrible things in my life.. (Check this if you cut also)

What do you do when somebody calls you ugly?

Agree with them D'; Maybe cut.. My life sucks..
Tell them to go get high... and they're just as ugly..
Repel the negative energy and keep walking.
Let it go.
Let it go, but when I get to somewhere where I'm alone, I cry.

A test is coming up and you need to study.. What do you do?

Don't do it and just go hang with your buds.
Just do it alone.
Doodle suicidal things on your paper and then realize that it's homework.
Call a few friends over to do it with you!
Sit alone and cry to yourself while doing it.

Somebody makes a cheesy joke.. You;

Walk away un-amused, and sad..
Find the joke offensive and yell at them; "I will cut you!"
Laugh anyways because you don't want to make them upset.
Stare at them aimlessly and walk away un-amused.
Laugh, trying to fit in.

Do you want a relationship?

No... I can't keep one..
Yes, but nobody ever asks me out.
No, I'll probably mess them up.
No, I have better things to do.
Yes, I'm a romantic!

Favorite Music Genre?

Hard Metal Rock.
Something sweet.
Sad music.
Anything Happy!
Rasta Stuff.

Favorite Movie Genre!

Anything happy!
Something with badass's
Anything Sad