What kind of Minecraft Player are you? (1)

What kind of Minecraft Player are you? (1)

What are you best at in Minecraft? Click here to know if you are a miner, builder, farmer or something else!

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What do you think you could improve in?

Finding time to care for pets.
Protecting others.
Building an actual house.

What do you like to eat?

Raw Mutton
Raw Chicken
Cooked Pork Chops

What two things are you best at crafting?

Pickaxes & Torches
Swords & Bows
Hoes & Bread
Axes & Stairs
Fences & Leads

What is the first thing you do after spawning?

Get coal.
Find a village.
Search for seeds and start a farm.
Start my house.
Find a pet.

What is your favorite thing that you've built?

My chest of diamond armor.
I don't build much, but I like to kill zombies with my iron sword.
My farm.
A village.
My bunny's pen.