What kind of Minecraft Player are you? (1)

What kind of Minecraft Player are you? (1)

What are you best at in Minecraft? Click here to know if you are a miner, builder, farmer or something else!

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What is the first thing you do after spawning?

Get coal.
Find a village.
Search for seeds and start a farm.
Start my house.
Find a pet.

What is your favorite thing that you've built?

My chest of diamond armor.
I don't build much, but I like to kill zombies with my iron sword.
My farm.
A village.
My bunny's pen.

What do you think you could improve in?

Finding time to care for pets.
Protecting others.
Building an actual house.

What two things are you best at crafting?

Pickaxes & Torches
Swords & Bows
Hoes & Bread
Axes & Stairs
Fences & Leads

What do you like to eat?

Raw Mutton
Raw Chicken
Cooked Pork Chops