Hetalia wwfy part 3

Hetalia wwfy part 3

Who loves you forever and ever? Ze awesome Prussia demands you to take this quiz! >:D

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"What?" You said confused "we are country's!" Italy repeated

Um..yeah we got that last wwfy you baka...
(Me:don't act like I don't know what baka
Yay! ^.^
Oh...I can be your continent!
Oh...well what surprise.
Um...cool! ^_^"
Awesome! Not as awesome as I though.

"Come meet our frieends!" Italy said "Um..Italy I don't vink she is ready yet..." shes probably still processing something so new to her.

No no! I'm ready!
Um..keep guess. -_-
Depends...do they got dat booty?
(Me:Germany does. >:3 but back off he's
Germany:Avalon, please.)
Um..i prefer to be alone
Um..I'm a bit nervous...
Do they have food?
Surely they should have the rights to meet
the awesome me!

"No no I would love to meet your friends!" You said you guys walked to a house full of people from the ages 17 to their early twenties one looked at you as you came in he had huge eyebrows "Who is she? Please don't tell me she's like America." He said then you saw three girls along with the boys "Lighten up England! America isn't THAT bad!" The one with brown hair and a green bow holding her ponytail with said "Who is she? She's hot!" Said a man with his mouth full of burgers "ok he's that bad." The one with black hair and brown eyes responded "Hes cool if you ask me." The third girl blushed

Ok..so one say he sucks ballz and the other says he's ok and the third
says he's a cool guy. Someone has a crush over here!
Ugh..what a slob.
He's hot too!
Uh..I'm scared
Wow! What a cool dude!
Kesesese! What a idiot!

Germany then went on a big lecture saying who everyone was and the three girls as well ones name was "Alaska" the other was "Rome" and the final girl was "Australia" Australia and Alaska didn't like America almost more then they hated France! But Rome had a crush on him Germany then said "Until you find a place of your own you shall live with us. Here's your room" he opened the door to a nice big good looking bedroom it even had its own balcony!

Wow! Thank you Mr. Germany! Perfect for a virgin like me! -D-
How lovely.
I think I should show others more then my bedroom.
(Me:keep them in your shirt you perv! -//_//-)
Thank you.
Oh it's so nice.
I'm going to mess it up while singing Marukaite chikyuu! :D
(Germany:don't even think about it. -_- *holding gun to your head*)
It's almost as awesome as me!

How do you think loves you?

Italy! 😍
England. 😐
France 💋
Japan. 😑
C-canada if you don't care. 😅
Murica'! 😝
(Me:f**k yeah!)
Ze awesome Prussia! 😎
(Das one of meh boiz. :p)