What one of my FNAF characters are you?

This will see what one you are! Now, there only is one boy so far, but I will make some more when I have more male characters! The possible ones you could get are Firey, Jack-In-The-Cat, Paw-less, Ying-Die, Icey and Come Close. You can use the characters, but please I beg you not to act like this is your own!

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What would you like your name to be?

Come Close

Where do you spend most of your time in?

Pirates Cove!
Kids Cove
The Pirates Cove, duh!
Kept away in the Kids Cove, so I'm thinking about moving to the Pirates Cove
Most of my time in Pirates Cove, but some in Kids Cove

What is your best feature?

My tux!
My bell! It jingles!
My box that I live in.
My hook!
Ying Yangs!
No eyes, I guess.

Do you want an eye patch?

Yeah! I already have one!
My scars are fine.
I basically already have one with no eyes. My eyes are black.
Well, my scar is cool, but maybe a scar on my other eye.
If I can have a Ying Yang eye patch! (Me: No. You: Aw!)
Nah, a Jack-In-The-Box don't need no eye patch!

What is your fave color? Or colour?

Black and white!
Dark colors, like black and navy blue
Blue and yellow
I can't see, so does it matter? (Me: What colors do you see?)
Red and orange and yellow, the hot colors, not the cool colors. (Me: Are those not the same thing?
Hot and cool? You: Srrsly,? Grow up dude. Me: Srry!)

What do you do at night?

Poke out kids eyes, make them feel my pain! Yes, before you ask, kids did rip out my eyes.
I give them bad luck, sometimes kill them.
Make 'em into Ying Yangs.
Scare them to death!
Make them blind, so they run into others and the others can kill them! (Wow, make 'em into Iceys.
Icey: Stop that!)
Poke their eyes out and then kill them! (Me: Im sort of sorry for you Icey!)