Which Millionaire Are You? (1)

Which Millionaire Are You? (1)

Are you Andrew Carnegie, JP Morgan, John Rockefeller, Cornelius Vanderbilt, or Bill Gates? Find out which millionaire you have the personality of by taking this quiz.

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When it comes to donating money, you would...

Donate to libraries and educational facilities
Don't donate, but invest your money on something that will gain interest
Invest in your company and buy stocks in it
Spend your money carefully on somewhere you can trust, like your church
Donate to find a cure for polio and other diseases

Which business strategy sounds most effective?

Put members of your company on the boards of your competitor
Own all the aspects of production for your product
Buy your weaker competition to create a monopoly in your industry
Make friends with important people in your industry then stab them in the back
Give rebates to your best customers and free passes to the press

Which quote best fits you?

"Success us a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose"
"competition is a sin"
"if you have to ask how much it costs, then you can't afford it"
"there is little success where there is little laughter"
"started from the bottom now we're here"

Where would you most likely base your business?

New York City

What would your idea of a perfect Saturday night be like?

reading your favorite book
going sailing on the lake
playing on the computer
playing solitaire
going to church

Your friends would describe you as...

outgoing, smart, and friendly
very giving and caring
honest, hardworking, and keeps promises
very thrifty
highly intelligent, frivolous spender, and self absorbed

If you could chose one style of facial hair, it would be?

beard-mustache combo
mutton chops (sideburns)
chevron mustache
horseshoe mustache

If you had to help set up a party, what would your job be?

getting the word out and getting the press to cover it
the life of the party, entertaining
making food for the party, you've had plenty of experience baking for your church
donate money for the party
donate time to help set up

You're going to the zoo, which exhibit would you want to go see first?

bird exhibit
petting zoo

Which mansion would you want to live in?

Which mansion would you want to live in?