Which one of my middle school jokes are you?

Which one of my middle school jokes are you?

There were alot of inside school jokes at my middle school. See which joke you are. Maybe you'll get a cryptid creature or a musical joke. Answers may be offensive. All results are quite long. So if you ain't gon read some cool paragraph, skip this. But please read it, it's interesting, okay. Results are personifications/humanoid versions of the jokes.

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Pick an item

Stuffed toy, maybe a monkey
A polo shirt
Index cards/paper

You make a sound, what is it?

You make a sound, what is it?
The sound of me slamming
papers down on a cafeteria
table, or a disgusted gasp
Monkey sounds
The sound of me clicking a
computer to look at stuff
No sound. We must tell no

You somehow died. How?

Someone ripped your arm off
Some irresponsible person
didn't call 811 before they dug
and let out a gas leak, killing
you, those uneducated fools
No one knows...
My death will be on those
mystery forensic file channels.
Maybe I died due to a
madman's sick plans, who
You were left alone in the
streets so someone shot you
to rob your gameboy
I was pushed into a ditch by a
crowd of cha cha slide
dancers while I was out buying
polo shirts.

Okay, how do you wish to be buried?

Okay, how do you wish to be buried?
In the sand. In a peaceful lot of
I don't care where, as long as it
isn't near any pipelines and
people can visit me.
I'm not sure. Ask [insert person
you trust].
In a lone grave far away from
Close to my death site.

Okay, you're not dead. What are you doing in your spare time?

Watching Disney movies,
eating, destroy the kitchen, and
staying in my safe place.
Drawing, browsing the internet,
Buzzfeed Unsolved videos.
Making sure my friends don't
get themselves into stupid shit,
or making snacks. Maybe
Riding on my scooter/bike,
annoying my sibling, playing
with toys, joining in on
conversations as I dance.
Teach people how to use
Scratch online, mini robotics,
or practice the Cha Cha Slide.

You wish to travel. How?

Being carried around on
someone's neck cuz I smol.
On a bus, or carpool.
A car. A truck. Mater Truck.

You have cheese crackers. Cheezits. What'chu doin' with them?

Eat them, they're mine. ALL
mine yum cheese.
Share them with friends so
they won't be hungry. And
make sure to give them water,
stay hydrated!
Eat them and leave no trace of
it. Discard the bag immediately
when done.
Give 2 to one person and then
tell them they can't have
Eat half the pack, then get
back to business.

You dance. How?

Slow dance, tap dance, or
march in a line the way I
Jump around and crawl and
Cha Cha Slide real smooth
Moonwalk or Egyptian dance
Just some random dance, and
chicken dance o FORTNITE

You're on the internet. Doing what?

Surfing through recipes and
watching food videos, using
Google calculator
Using Scratch, looking at robot
assembly instructions, DIY's,
Looking at Buzzfeed Unsolved,
conspiracy theories, and on
Incognito mode
Chatting online, watching diy
calling people out on their bs,
spreading PSA and awareness
Playing CoolMath games
games, watching cartoons on
Youtube, or
looking at neat stuff on Ebay

What do you resemble most out of these?

Markiplier. Or an middle aged
white man with glasses and
facial hair.
A rat. A literal rodent.
A bunch of faces, all put
together to form one huge
cursed mess.
The face you see before you
get sorted out on your
Curly-haired man-kid with a
NASA anesthetic

What description fits you most?

I used to be reserved, eDgY
and mysterious, but I'm more
open to people now. I'm not
afraid to speak out and be
included in regular things.
I like to make sure things are in
order. I'm organized and
friendly, yet stern and caring
because I don't want any little
shits getting themselves into
stupid situations.
I'm optimistic, a bit naive, and
free-spirited, kind of clingy.
Some may call
me childish or a "snowflake." I
do stupid stuff sometimes but
I'm still adorable
I'm an average Joe. I like to
help people out and do my
thing. Cuz I'm a pretty rad
person, I guess. That's what
they tell me *shrug*
I'm honestly kinda dumb I
guess?? But other than that, I
can say I'm a pretty supportive
person and try to help as much
as I can! People say I'm
friendly and supportive.

Choose a fashion apparel/accessory

Eye glasses
Chef's hat
Drawstring backpack
A pin
Animal ear headband

Which high school trope are you most like?

The dumb jock who is actually
kinda smart when it comes to
certain things and is actually
really nice
The edgelord or loner no one
really wants to mess with
The one in school clubs and
involved in the school
community, could run for
class pres/rep or some
commitee official, could teach
the freshies a few things
The one who could be an
educator teacher or is one,
likes tech
and "nerd" things, could be
considered a "weeb"
The determined enthusiastic
freshy who wants to be like the
juniors, etc)
Is also probably failing a class

Someone tells you you're dumb. What do you say?

Someone tells you you're dumb. What do you say?
Okay, yeah, I kinda am for real,
Still in for Smash Bros
tomorrow though, right?
So what does that make you?
Ok, nice...*walks away*
No I'm not! You're dumb, and
stupid, haha!
Hey, don't use language like
that, not epic.

Choose an emoji palette

(Thumbs, game console, cool
shades, laptop)
(Crystal ball, scribbling pencil,
black no moon, toilet)
(Monkey,night sky, bow,
(Earth, nails painted, heart,
telephone call)
?? ? ?
(Rat, cheese, volleyball, eggs
frying in a pan)

How do you curse?

I don't, not really
(Legally cannot say fûck)
I can curse, I say what the
shizzles and crap! Haha...
Shit. Fûck. Bitch. Bitchy ass
shitfûcker asscracker
What the fûck,
Oh shit what
That kind of language is not

Choose a hand gesture

Thumbs up
Ok sign
Peace sign
Heart hands
Finger gun

Which Steven Universe characters do you connect the most with? That is, which are most like you?
(If you don't watch Steven Universe or aren't familiar with these characters at all, then choose the "NOSU" option, it' won't affect your results if you choose NOSU)

Steven, Connie,
(They babey "uwu," peacful,
don't like fights, love snacks)
Pearl, Garnet, Sardonyx
(Savage delightful protective
mom squad)
Peridot, Amethyst, rejuvinated
(Sometimes immature, fun-
loving, silly, clingy)
Lapis, Onion, Opal
(Sad vibes,
mysterious/strange, quiet)
Ronaldo, Greg, Sour Cream
(Gamer, average guy trying to
get buy and doing their best,
chill techno)

Alrighty, bŷe!

Alrighty, bŷe!
Sayonara, pal!
Catch you on the flipside
Lol bye
Bye! Tell ur mom and Joe I
said hi!
*waves and leaves*
See ya later, alligator