who are you from Lab Rats: Elite Force?

who are you from Lab Rats: Elite Force?

which character are you from Lab Rats: Elite Force? Chase, Bree, Oliver, Kaz, or Skylar

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ok so, you see a kid being bullied on the sidewalk, how do you react?

you don't notice, your too interested in your phone
you dont want to get in the way, so you ignore it
you stand up for the kid, even though the bullys might bully you too, but you are really regreting that decision
you just ignore it, not knowing why
you stand up for the kid, you don't care if they bully you too, you can handle it, what's the worst they can do?

you get attacked by a strange masked person, what do you do?

speed around and confuse them
activate your laser bow to fight
shoot fire at them
freese them with your cryo-blast
freese/pause them in place

a team member calls for help and you find him/her alone, the person tells you a man was just there...

"oh, no! what do I do, the man will probally come back!"
you think he/she's probally delusional, noting to be worried about, but you are actually pretty worried
you investigate the area for clues or answers pointing to the mans intentions
let the rest of your team do the work, you'd probally just get in the way, besides there's nothing to do!
look around for the man, he might be hiding, ready to attack

your so bored, what do you decide to do?

help your inventor/father with his inventions
complain about how bored you are just to bore others
watch a movie
text your friends about how boring your day has been
ask what there is to do, or talk to your friends

you lost your phone...

"oh no, that has all my stuff and I can't text, or do anything!"
"meh, its not like I needed it"
"why do I need my phone?"
you are silently worried, but you didn't exactly have anything you needed to do in it anyway
you don't notice, your doing other stuff

your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you...

"don't have one"
"whyyyy? was I not good enough? whyyyy?!"
"eh, I'll get another one eventually"
"don't need one, I've got gadgets!"
"I don't have one, there's only ONE girl/guy for me!"

you are in the middle of something (like a game or movie) and you are asked to do something

"in a munute" one hour later, "in a minute" one hour later, "one minuute"
"ughhh, fineee"
"alright, be right there" couple minutes later then you go
you just go and get it over with
you sigh, then get someone else to do it for you, you've got things to do, you don't have time for this

you just took a quiz, and you don't like your results, you...

destroy your phone, ipad, computer... etc.
"meh, I can take another one, then maybe I'll get the one I want..."
"so what?"
"why would I be taking a quiz anyway?"
"eh, its just a quiz, its not actually going to happen"