Personality Quiz (12)

First Quiz. I hope it's good! See if this matches you! ...Because why not?

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Favorite Social Media Outlet?


What does your wardrobe look like?

GIRLS: SO MANY SCARVES. I also like leggings. Matching jewelry for so many outfits.
GUYS: V-necks are nice. A graphic t-shirt here and there... uh....
GIRLS: Beside sweats? uh....
GUYS: Basket ball shorts. They are SO comfortable.
GIRLS: I like Tye Dye a lot. I also have concert t shirts from my favorite shows and bands.
GUYS: Plaid button ups (short sleeved), and polos are nice too.
GIRLS: I have an out fit for every occasion every day of the week
GUYS: Muscle tanks, snapbacks, and tight fitted clothing
BOTH: Black stuff... Grey stuff... Band shirts... uh...

Favorite animal?

Any lizard or Any bug

Be honest:

How does a normal Saturday night look for you?

Movies, Friends, parties... I'm never free. It's a little exhausting sometimes.
I'll sometimes be out with friends. Nothing too crazy. But sometimes I stay home to recover from
the week and this morning's workout.
I prefer a book. Or a movie by myself. I enjoy my weekends relaxing. No shame.
I don't have a lot of free time. I have the SAT Biology Subject coming up AND 5 AP tests. Sure
that's in 6 months, but I need to get into an ivy.
You can do stuff on Saturday nights?

How are you in class?

Talkative. I'm constantly told to be quiet. Don't really care though.
I'm an active participant. I constantly engage in activities and answer questions.
I just sit there untill class ends. I pay attention, but...

You are invited somewhere and you are...

Perfectly on time. This way I'm not the awkward person there first.
10 minutes early. I want to make sure that I'm there and ready that way everything flows
Fashionably Late is what I like to call it.
Oh gosh! I totally forgot!
I'll get there when I get there. No biggie.

What's your fandom?

Twilighter/Twihard Or any other Vampire/Wolf series
What's a fandom?

Favorite types of movies?

RomComs: Totally different from regular comedies
Just Roms
Action Packed Suspense!
Horror. Don't look behind you...
Disney Movies!
(Or any other cartoon movies)