are you going to heaven... or hell?(edited! it is a lot better

this isn't necessarily a true indication of where you will go in the afterlife, but just a fun thing i made while I was bored at home talking to brebop. she is a poo!

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I only lie unless it is absolutely necessary

not true! I lie A LOT! thats why I don't really get into trouble!
true! I don't like lying at all! it makes me feel bad.
I don't necessarily lie unless I HAVE to, but I don't lie about everything

If I only had 5$, and some charity really needed it and on the very brink on finding a cure for Cancer, and needed your 5$ for it; would you give it to them?

Heck,no! I'm gonna buy me a 5 dollar footlong! FOH!
YAS! I hate cancer with a burning passion! cancer is going DOWN!

If someone who bullied you all through your life, came to you at lunch and asked you for food because he was homeless, would you give him money?

HECK no! he can go to fricken hell for all i care!
I guess so. I hate that he bullied me, but i still don't want him to die!
I'll talk really bad to him, but I'll still give him money

if you were given the chance to lock all your enemies in a dark, cold, endless dungeon: would you?

I thought you'd NEVER ask, my friend!
NO WAY! that's evil
well, SOME, but not all!

FREE: have you been answering these questions truthfully?(5 points)

pssh, yeah! *laughs nervously*
Totally! lying is a horrible thing!
on some i DID lie to make myself seem like better person... (understandable)

in school, are you the bully, or the person who GETS bullied?

i get bullied all the time!
I don't get bullied, really. And I dont bully others.
I have bullied before, but I felt really bad for it afterwards...

do you like the edited version better? (free question)

I barely see a difference!
not really...
It could be a bit longer I guess...