Warrior Personality Leader Quiz!

Warrior Personality Leader Quiz!

All the Warrior Cat fans out there know the great leaders of the clans. Tallstar, Leopardstar, Crookedstar, Firestar, etc. But which one best fits you? Take this quiz to find out! (And I know I did not cover all the leaders.)

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Do you seek revenge or the forgiveness of another?

I want to forgiveness of everyone I wronged.
I would seek forgiveness, if i was the one who caused a problem. Which I was not.
I would seek forgiveness. That's what a true leader would do. No matter how hurt they are.
I did nothing wrong, so neither. My clan has never cause problems.
Revenge. Even if they just took MY mouse from the fresh kill pile, they deserve to DIE!
If I have done something wrong, i seek forgiveness. If they have done something wrong I seek an apology.
Revenge. In most situations. revenge.
Forgiveness. I have had many reasons to seek revenge, yet I have remained a true warrior.

How much would you give to save others?

How much would you give to save others?
I'd risk my life to save someone. If it was worth it.
No one is worth ANYTHING to me. I would give NOTHING. Only my own fur is worth saving.
Strength is the only thing worth saving. And myself of course.
I will risk what I have. I will do no less than I can, and no more than I can.
I will risk some for the ones i truly care about.
I will risk as much as possible for everyone i care about.
I will risk ANYTHING! My life, my love, anything. I will risk my happiness for the happiness of others.
I will risk what I can if it is truly worth it.

Which clan is the best?

Which clan is the best?
Thunderclan. We are strong, wise, and unbeatable. We are best.
I must truly say Starclan is best. They lead us all, no matter how independent they might think they are.
Shadowclan! Any who opposes this statement must DIE!
Shadowclan. Anyone dare to oppose me? I thought not.
Riverclan. We are strongest, therefore the best!
Windclan. Although, this is my statement. All others are free to say what they must.
Windclan. Anyone else is wrong. Windclan is always right.
None of the clans. Not with their current leaders. They should have a true leader, like me. They are all weak.
Riverclan. This is my choice.

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color?
Blue. Blue all the way.
Red. The color of my enemies blood.
Blue, the color of tears.
White is my favorite. Yes, the absence of color.
Any color. All of them.
Brown is a nice color.

How much to your care about the warrior code?

How much to your care about the warrior code?
Yes! The Warrior Code is life. It leads us in our darkest hour. I would die to protect it.
Yes, the warrior code guides us and has done it well.
NO! The Warrior Code is rubbish! It prevents us from growing strong! It means NOTHING to me!
No, the warrior code is no use to any of use. It weakens us. When I'm around, there is no mercy. Only the strongest will survive.
The Warrior Code is great, but I will only follow it up to a certain point, when things go out of hand. Sometimes, we have to make our own choices with no restrictions.
Yes, I honor the Warrior Code. But, if others start to break it, I might too so I can protect the ones I love.
The Warrior code is something we should all live by. We should allow it to guide us, especially in the darkest of times.
Only sometimes will I follow the warrior code....
Yes, the Warrior Code is very useful to have around.

RP time! A rouge broke into your camp. He says he comes in peace. What do you do?

RP time! A rouge broke into your camp. He says he comes in peace. What do you do?
I watch him carefully, waiting for him to strike. Then, I have an excuse to either kill him, or drive him out and prove my strength.
I question him, act like I am his friend. I see if I can get him to join my plans. If not, I mercilessly kill him.
See what he has to to say. If it is not useful, I merely send him away.
Let him come and stay for as long as he wants. As long as he keeps his word and stays in peace.
I'll see what he has to say. After that he may choose to stay, or go wandering again. Unless thing get out of hand.
I wouldn't let him in the camp. I'd see what he has to say from where my warriors found him.

What would you want in a deputy?

What would you want in a deputy?
Someone I can trust, completely.
Someone strong. Someone I can trust to give it their all.
Someone worthy of becoming leader. They must have wisdom, strength, and fairness towards all.
I need no help. I can do this by myself. I don't care what the code says.
Someone to go through with my EVIL plots! (evil laugh)
Someone who knows how to treat other cats with respect.
Someone with strength. Strength.
Someone who would treat their clanmates no different than themselves. They would know how to battle with strength, or course, and with wisdom.
Someone who is worthy.

What is your favorite prey? (Or rather what WOULD be your favorite prey? XD)

What is your favorite prey? (Or rather what WOULD be your favorite prey? XD)
Rabbit!! It's what I was raised with, even that long time ago...
The blood of my enemies.
Fish. It is how we survive!
Fish, although other people don't really seem to enjoy it that much.
All of it. Whatever to feed my clan. Even crowfood. We need to stay alive when times are tough. We can't be picky.

One of another clan's cats die at your border. They accuse your clan of murder. Yet, you did not do it. What do you do?

One of another clan's cats die at your border. They accuse your clan of murder. Yet, you did not do it. What do you do?
We DECLARE WAR! This should be settled now! WE DID NOT KILL HIM!
Go over to their camp with my deputy and medicine cat. Try to talk sense into them. We would help them investigate. But, if they don't believe us, we will do nothing but prepare for an attack. Yet, we will not attack them first.
We give them one more chance. If it goes wrong, we attack.
We attack. That's all there is to it. Even a blind kit could see that.
We let it go the first time. But, if they trod on our paws again, we will attack with a show of strength.
We give them multiple chances to let us help. But, if it goes on for to long, we will attack.
We will not attack. If we are being accused of murder, why would we show them we are not the murders by attacking them and harming them more? It doesn't make sense. But, I will defend my camp.
I do nothing. So what if they think I murdered the cat?
I'd try to talk it out. That's all I would do. And defend my clan of course.