What Warrior Cat Character Are You? Quiz 1

During this test, it will determine which character you are from the Warrior Cat series by Erin Hunter. There will be another quiz similar to this and will have more personality cats included. Choose the type of answers that suits you more and submit when your done. Your personality cat awaits!

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What Clan Do You Believe You Belong To?

ShadowClan (my favorite...)

You've been assigned an Apprentice, what would you do with them?

Train them like a true Warrior.
Teach them to fight so they can kill other cats!
I dont know...
Try to kill them or make them be evil!
I'll do my best and train them so they'll be a great contribution to the Clan.
I will train my apprentice fairly.

As a kit, what would you do?

I'll sneak out of camp and explore the territory myself!
I wasn't born in a Clan by then...
Dream of being a leader one day!
Think of being evil...
Have fun and learn as much as I can!
Just be a kit and do whatever kits do.

You see you Clanmate/friend, sneaking out of camp and you follow them. You see that your friend is mates with a cat from another Clan?

I'll go tell the leader!
Keep it a secret. I don't want my friend getting into trouble...
Don't do anything, I'm lazy.
I'll plan to kill them. They broke the Warriors' Code!
Tell the Clan that they're betraying us.
I really don't care...

What colored pelt would you prefer?

Silver tabby
Brown tabby
ginger fur
cream and brown
black fur
pure white
golden brown
pale ginger

What colored eyes do you prefer?

Im just blind...

You find out your half Clans! What would yoou do?

Try to murder my parents!
I'll talk to them.
i'll make it seem they betrayed the Clan!
I'll figure out how they met.

You see your mate get killed. What would you do?

Murder their littermates!
Grieve for moons.
I'll always remember them...
What about our kits?!
That's the cycle of life mah dudez....

Would you have a mate from your Clan or a different Clan?

My own Clan!
Different Clan.
I really don't care...
I guess from another Clan.

What is your own description of your cat?

A murderer
I don't know yet...