Are you a family person, will you grow up, and raise a family?

Answer these questions to see if you will be good parent, or if you will raise a family. If I make an assumption and you try and live like I tell you, you must understand that if I made a mistake you cannot blame it on me. You can be whatever you want to be, I don't have to help you all the way through your life.

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Do you have siblings?

Yes, older
Yes, younger
Yes, both younger and older

If you do, do you understand why they had to play with you or do you understand why you had to play with your younger siblings?
If you don't have siblings press N/A, non-applicable.

I understand
Kind of makes sense
No, I don't understand.

Does the job you want to do require a lot of time?

I don't want to work I
want to stay home with
my kids

Do you have good relationship with your family?

Most of them
I try to
Yes. Of course

What do people normally think of you?

Why do you care?
You should only ask for my opinion
They think I'm ok.
I always unimpress strangers.

If you see a toddler you don't know hurt, would you help them?

I'd get someone to help them but then make up an excuse to leave the kid with the other person.
I might if the injury was more than rope burn.
I'm not good at first aid if that's what you mean

What is your favourite type of movie?

Historical nonfiction
Historical fiction
Why does this matter.