Are You More Like Antisepticeye or Darkiplier?

Find out who you're more like! Are you Anti or are you Dark? Hope you enjoy this quiz!

published on December 14, 201681 responses 7 4.8★ / 5

Which do you prefer?

Cleansing the world of all evil
Destroying all mankind

Would you rather...

Have black eyes?
Have red eyes?

What would you do if someone betrayed you?

Hide in the shadows until the time to strike is right
Destroy them immediately

How do you cope with your fears?

I wait until the time is right and then I show my true side to people
I inflict pain on others so they can feel my fears and then I kill them

Favourite colour?

Dark green

Favourite thing to do?

Scare people
Scare people, then kill them
Just flat out kill them
Make them think that I'm just a figment of their imagination and then prove I'm real

Favourite type of video game?

Horror in general
Anything where the humans get petrified, injured, murdered, etc.

What's your idea of a perfect day?

If I scare at least one person, it's been a good day
Dreary with a side of murder

Dark or light?


Who do you like more?


Who do you prefer?


Who do you think you'll get?


How do you feel?

Meh. I still want to cleanse the world of all evil
Can I kill you yet? *grins evilly* I promise to go easy on you...