Which Archies Comic Character Are You?

Which Archies Comic Character Are You?

Which character from the Archies comic series are you? Betty, Veronica/Ronnie, Jughead or Archie?

published on May 18, 201428 responses 7
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'Sup gurlfriend!
Huh? Oh! Right, sorry! Hi!!
I'm hungry

Favourite word out of these?

Betty and Veronica! (Me: Technically that's three words but whatever)

Fave character?


What do you want to do today?

SHOP until i DROP!
Hmm... Play in the park, go to the pool, some thing creative or adventurous!
Visit my friends

Sequence question! Okay... So a big exam is tomorrow and you need to study, but at the LAST minute ur BFF calls you and asks u to come over. U say u have to study but she replies, "Okay, well if you don't come then you can forget about being my friend!!!"

That sounds like me!
Tell her she's being silly.
What did you say? Sorry, i forgot! (Me: -_- )
I'll only go if she has food ready
Go for about an hour and then go back home and study the rest of the night
Screw the exams! I'm gonna PAR-TAY!!!

So, what ever ur choice was, in the morning you r really tired and can't think. You go to the exam, and while your there you feel kinda sick. What do you do?

I go find help, of course!
Try to forget it and continue
Uhhh....must be those 43 burgers I ate...
I hope I don't throw up on my dress! It cost, like, tons!

You end up trying to find help, no matter what your answer is. You go up to a woman at the door and say ur gonna be sick. She looks worried but says you're not allowed to leave the hall. You:

Nod and turn back to your work. You can probably last at least until the end.
Stamp your foot and yell at the top of your voice
Explain that you really think ur gonna throw up
Actually, no, wait, i think I ate 45 burgers, cos I wasn't counting the two that....

K, end of quiz! U like?

Yeah! U just earned urself a follower! (Me: thanks! :) )
I'm still hungry.
Wait...Why did I even come here?
Like, No ways! There was, like, NOTHING to buy!