Which Milo Murphy's Law Character Are You?

Which Milo Murphy's Law Character Are You?

Well, somebody had to make a personality quiz based on the show Milo Murphy's Law. I kept expecting somebody else to make it, and I guess to everybody else, I am that someone else.

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How would you describe yourself in one word?


What's are your favorite colors?

Pink, and purple. Mostly I enjoy color coordination.
Blacks and greys mostly.
Various shades of green. And it's spelled "Colours" with a U...Americans.
Basically the entire "Fall" color pallet.
Golly, there are so many great colors, how can I be expected to choose!
Brown muted tones, livened up by the occasional silver, blue or orange.
Anything other than flannel.
Did you know George Washington's favorite coloor is the same as mine?

Decsribe your ideal shoe type?

Slip ons, laces do not agree with me.
Distinghished gentlemans polished black shoes with white spats.
White tennis shoes
Well, right now I'm wearing a mis-matched pair.
They have to be practical and color-coordinate with my outfit.
Whatever, I don't do a whole lot of walking.
As long as they fit, I don't really care.
Don't car, as long as they fit...What is yourDid you know that President Abraham Lincoln had the biggest feet of any president?

What, in your opinion, is your most striking trait?

I guess how much I eat? Since -somebody- feels the need to keep pointing that out to me.
My neatness and orginizational skills
My red hair? I guess.
My musical talents (big amongst the lumberjack community)
I suppose my nose, or my ears.
My predominate widow's peak...or my accent.
My immaculate moustashe...
Probably my backpack, it's got caution stripes on the back after all!

What would be your ideal dinner?

Pretty much any food, except pistachios.
Something I didn't have to prepare, and anything that isn't oderous or otherwise offensive to my pallette. Also, no pistachios.
Whatever offers the most enjoyment, with the least amount of time and mess incured.
Food I can easily eat on the go, or that leaves me a free hand to take notes.
No fish, expecally not bagged fish, don't ask.
Rare meat, and raw sushi.
British Pizza, it's standoffish, but lovable
I like trying new things, that's why I took a cooking class at the local community college!