What Pokemon Type Are You (1)

What Pokemon Type Are You (1)

Okay, there are like 17, or 18 types, but I'm going over 5 types that could cover a wide range of personalities. I would do what Pokemon character are you, but I don't know much about the new characters, and just decided to make this quiz. Oh, and you know, if you're not honest you'll get an inaccurate answer. A few questions will be pokemon related some won't, just to let you know. If you have ideas for new quizzes for me, please share. If you like be sure to comment.

published on February 23, 201556 responses 12
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You have a TON of work to do, and only have one day to get it done. What do you do?

Find sneaky ways to avoid it
Just don't do it
Quietly get to work
Devise a clever plan to get the work done
Find a fun way to do it

You go to the battle maison, or tower, and get a 100 win streak, and lose your 101th battle. What do you do?

Make a better strategy so you can win next time
Be really angry at the person who beat you, and strive to be better than them
Make a scene
Don't be upset, and just try to do better
Nothing, accept it, and be to heart broken to try again

What's your favorite thing to do in spare time?

Play online, or watch videos
Play video games,
Hang with friends, or talk to them
Just relax, maybe watch TV

You want to ask someone out. What do you do?

Go ask them to a "friendly hang out" hiding any romantic interest(until the date)
Ask them, but in a way not to draw any attention
Just go somewhere you hear they're going, and (surprise!) meet them there, or another plan
Boldly go ask them
Nothing. You're too shy

You're a pokemon in battle, and you are facing an opponent who looks very big, and tough. What do you do?

Be confident, and go for pure power
Just go and do your best
Find the opponents weakness
Use hax( like critical hits, poison, flinch etc.)
Switch out, you don't want to risk it

You see an item you really want, but you can't afford it. What do you do?

Ask a friend, or family member to get it for you
Save up money over time
You don't let it get you down, you buy something else
Accept you can't get it, and get a cheaper version
Ask for money

A really ugly person who you don't like asks you out. What do you do?

Just say NO!
Be shy, and tell them you're just not interested
Just tell them no, but be nice about it, and maybe even recommend another person for them
Tell them you don't like them like that, but offer to be friends
Find an excuse to say no

Your friend takes you too a party, and you...

Stay to yourself, don't really talk, and want to leave the whole time
Just have fun!
Stay in the corner, and talk to whoever is there
Talk to people you know
Confidently go talk to people, and mingle

You get a pokemon you've wanted for a long time, that can only be gotten from an event. What do you feel/do?

You're overwhelmed with joy
You keep it to yourself, and don't really use it, but you are happy
You fond weak opponents to test it out on
You show that pokemon off
You find a strategy to use that pokemon