Who is your godly parent? (3)

Which God or goddess is your parent? Are you Apollo? Athena? Zeus?hades? Take this quiz to find out.

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It's the end of a battle(that means you survived yay!!) what do you do after it's over?

Quickly run to the bathroom to clean the blood stain on your new tunic
Spy around to see who died
Try to calm yourself down so you stop shocking ppl with tiny volts of electricity
Shadow leap back to your cabin to be alone
Carve a new symbol of survival on your bow
Splash your face with water to clear your head.
Boast to everybody that you killed the most monsters
Cleverly slip away to clean your blade in peace

A new demigod joins camp half blood. What do you do?

Smile, but continue to read your magazine
Offer to show them around
Give them a sharp crack in the ribs, he's such a wimp!
Show him were the pool is
Show them the wicked cool caves
Show them how to summon a lightning bolt if they are a child of Zeus
Show them all the cool spots to hide
Show them a new hairstyle that looks really good on them

A kidnapper grabs you. What do you do?

Scream and scream and scream
Sneak away while the're asleep
Shock them, them call for backup the second after. The paralisation won't last long.
Send them back into the earth were they came from.
Rip your wrist free, grab your bow,and aim while yelling for help
Drench them head to toe in freezing water
Fight back with force
Reason with them, if that doesn't work, pull out your dagger

An army of monsters kills your friends friend. What do you do to comfort them?

Reason with them to explain it will be okay
Show them how to plot their gruesome revenge
Calmly stay in silence. Give them their peace and space for a while so the can live off the grief.
Just don't say anything
Sit beside them and say sorry. Maybye make them some cookies.
Swear to help them live it up
Quietly walk away
Go into a fit of sobs too

Who would you like as a BFF?

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