What Is Your Summer Anthem?

What Is Your Summer Anthem?

Take this quiz to see which popular song represents your summer for the year of 2015! Tell me your results in the comments section!

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Which genre of music is your favorite?

Hip Hop/Rap
Electronic (EDM)
I like most genres.

Which artist do you prefer?

Demi Lovato
Katy Perry
Bruno Mars
One Direction
Sam Smith

Which would you rather read?

A gossip mag that tells me the latest celebrity beef.
A book by John Green.
Articles about the best places to travel during the summer.
My favorite book all over again.
Old letters or messages from people you miss or care about.
I wouldn't be reading, I would be out with my friends.

You're at your best friends house. What are the two of you most likely talking about?

My family.
The party you're planning this summer.
Venting about someone you aren't getting along with at the moment.
The college you want to attend.
Your crush

How would you describe yourself?

A dreamer or hopeless romantic
Outgoing and fun

How do you listen to music when you drive?

The windows have to be down so everyone can hear.
All the way up with loud bass.
More quiet than loud.
I have to sing along and dance even if I don't know the words.
I let the passenger handle the music.
Just the right volume so I can hear myself singing.

How do you discover music you like?

I use apps like Pandora or Spotify.
I listen to the radio.
I listen to what my friends do.
I have my own taste.
I just listen to the artist I like most of the time.
I'll listen to anything that sounds catchy to me.

What do you spend most of your summer doing?

Texting my crush.
Watching TV or reading.
Going out with friends.
Spending time with my family.
Posting on social media.

What is your favorite summertime snack?

Fruit Salad
Cold smoothies or milkshakes
Classic burgers
Fresh chips and salsa

If you were to go on vacation during the summer, where would you go?

San Francisco
New York City
As far away from where you live as possible.