Personality Test (4)

Complete this short personality test to find a generalization of your own personality.

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what superhero best describes you?

I wouldnt make a good superhero

your friends ask you to go to a rave- what do you say?

I want to, but am conscious about my looks as i dont have a outfit to wear to it
I would rather work on personal endeavors to increase productivity

You get seated next to a stranger on a plane. what is your first reaction?

say how is your day going?
say nothing, while having a genuine curiosity of the other person
Mumble a hello and begin to plan out the rest of your day

Which of this activities sounds most appealing to you?

playing flag football
go to a concert, and watch from the back to get a full view of the show
making your own EDM music on the computer

which job would suite you best?

computer tech support

if asked to try something new,

you are up for it
you would like to but often find an insecurity
ask if it will help me in the future

if your test results were shared in a classroom, would you

say yep thats me
blush and look away
have no emotional response, just the gaining of knowledge (knowing your test result)