Are you fabulous?

Are you fabulous?

A 100% accurate quiz, are you ready to test your fabulousness? ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

published on February 01, 201532 responses 14 4.0★ / 5

Favorite food?

I will eat anything...even you...jk but I love food :)
Ice cream
Pizza is my bæ
I like meat, anything with meat...even you...jk I just like meat

How do you spend a stormy afternoon?

Wrapped in a blanket by the fire, reading, chatting to your family or playing board games.
In my room on the computer.
Outside, its so windy and fun!
Just watching tv

Rain or Shine?

Both, I love running in the rain and going to the beach on those hot days!
I don't really care what the weathers doing.

Which animal is your favorite?
A) dog
B) cat
C) horse
D) turtle
E) fiiish

Meh, they all fine.
I love them all!
I dont like any.
I like bananas (plus all da animals too)

Do you have any pets?

Yes, ten...
No, not really.
Im not allowed
Yes I have a cat.
Yea my dog pretty FREAKIN awesome
Pets? Who needs pets when you have my brother!
Yea I do! i love them all so much!
Im allergic
I dont like animals
My pet is really annoying

At school you are...

Popular, but nice.
Popular, kinda mean sometimes but hey.
Shy quiet, you kinda have your own tight circle of friends.
Geeky but fun
Weird but outgoing and nice.
None of these really.

What is your dream?

To travel the WORLD!
To dance/act on stage
To make a heck of alot of money
None of the above
Its when im falling, and I keep falling, and then I see the ground, and right before I hit the ground, I wake up.