My little Pony what Princess are you?

My little Pony what Princess are you?

The quiz is about what princess you are, there are 4 princesses, there is princess Candence, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Queen of the changelings.

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If some one was being mean to you what would you do

Ignore them
Use magic
Kill them with kindness
Put them in the canderlot caves

If you and your friend hade a fight what would you do to end the fight

Never be friends with them again
Be mean to them
Say your sorry if you started it
Forget about it

If you we're a princess what princess magic would you want

Princess of the night
Princess that can change in to any pony
Princess of love
Princess of magic

What kind of music do you like it

Hard rock
Britney Spears
Soft music

What's your favorite color

Dark green and black
Pink and purple
Every color

What kind of fashion do you like

Sparkly clothes
Ripped clothes
Classical clothes

What's your favorite food

Ice cream

If you could be any princess from my little pony what princess would you be

Princess Luna
Queen of the changelings
Princess cadence
Princess celestia