What Hero are You? (1)

What Hero are You? (1)

Warning: The character are made up or home made. So you might not recognize the people the quiz says you are.

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Hello! First off, I'm going to ask your favorite color! I know it's boring, but did you know that your fav colors show your personalty. YEP! And it also shows the characters personalty! So let's begin!

Green: The color of Kindness and Nature
Yellow: The color of Envy and Selfishness
Black: The color of Darkness and Evil
White: The color of Light and Good
Red or Orange: The color of Anger and Rage

What is your favorite animal?


Ok! Now lets get into the REAL questions!

It's the starting of a day, what time do you get up?


After getting up, you-

Have Breakfest

It's now time for training!

But before you start, what power do you contain?

The power to freeze people!
The power to shoot Lightning vaults!
The power to transform into a lion!
I don't have powers.... But I know Kung Fu!

Now your ready for your training!

What do you use for Punching practice?

Punching bag! DUH!!!
A Tree!
A training partner!

It's Now lunch time! What do you eat?

Fries and Cheese Burgers!
Ice Cream!
I'm not hungry...

Ok, good! But now we are going to ask some different Questions that involve what you think and how you would act.

You are trapped by hundreds of Foes. Your partner screams to Run. But while trying to get away he/she is Jumped by 6 monsters. What do you do?

Keep Running no matter what!
I would think twice of what I would do... But in the end I would help my friend.
I would kick those munster's buts!
I would stay hidden...

Despite your answer, You end up running away without noticing.
When you look back your friend is injured, bleeding and still getting beaten by the monsters.

What do you do?

Watch in horror!
Run and keep running!
I go back to help!
I hide...

You go back to help your friend. You fight and win the battle! But more monsters are chasing you! You quickly pick up your friend and run for it.

Your friend is losing blood! What do you do?

I look for the closes places to hide.
I look for a good place to aid my friend.
I know my friend is injured and could be dying, but if I stop now the monsters will not only get her/him but me too!
I would not know what to do!

You realize your friend is losing consciousness. You find a good place to hide and put down your friend slowly. You quickly examine he/she body, but when you look up your friends eyes are rolling back into her/his head. What do you do to keep him/her from going unconscious?

Tap her/his face.
Say, "Hey, come on! You got to stay awake!"
I would panic!
I would talk and talk to make my friend calm down.

Your friend loses consciousness! This is the time I should say your friend is the opposite sex and in order to save he/she's life you have to take off there cloths. Would you do it?

HE** NO!
I would act smart and not fully undress he/she. I would cut little parts of her/his cloths and rap the injures.
Yes, I would have too, or my friend will die!

You rapped all the injuries. But you can't move your friend untill he/she shows some progress. Like the bleeding stopping!

But later on in the night your friend is shaking and he/she's has a fever. What do you do?

Theres not much I can do... But to cuddle and keep my friend warm for the night.
I don't know!
I would leave and look for some meds or healing plants.

After a few days you make it out alright! You and your friend is home and safe. But your friend happen's to be pretty cute and he/she comes to say thank for saving his/her life.

When he/she does, you make eye contact and realize he/she had beautiful eyes. You start to blush, but don't want your friend to notice. What do you do?

Turn around and hide my face.
Go close in for a kiss.


It's a start of a new day and you and your friend are sent on a mission to stop some bad guys. When walking, you get ambushed into a trap. Bullets and arrows start flying. You quickly use your kung fu skills to jump out of there way. But 1 arrow had cut a gash on your rib.

You quickly realize the sharp pain. Luckly the trap is over and you fall on your feet. Your friend realizes your in pain and jumps in to help. But your shy and don't want any help. What do you say?

"Hey, it's just a scratch!"
"It's nothing! I can handle it!"

That's the end! I might even add more questions when I have the time...
But for now, how was it?

It was ok!