r u popular

take this quiz to see if ur popular

published on February 27, 201197 responses 26 3.3★ / 5

how many friends do u have

i have no idea how am i suppose to know
not that much :(
plenty duh :)
does teachers count?
the whole entire school

what kind of clothes do you wear

regular clothes?
stufff with sparkles on them
farm clothes i was born on a farm
people that will luv my oulfits r the clotthes i wear
jeans? shirts? shoess?

when you grow up what do you wanna be

a doctor 4 sure
a designer
any job that ill get attention
well i wanna be a dentist and a model so idk yet
a teacher

do you like candy

i luv candy
only certain kinds of candy
ewwww gross i hate candy candy makes me fat
ya i do including chocolate
well yes and no cuz some candies make me fat

r u lazy

on homework duh :)
not at all im awake 24/7
on some things
ya on school work and so on...............
uhhhhhh only on 1 or 2 things thats all

r u smart

no a nerd does my homework
ya im a straight a student well some bs
sometimes like a do crazy things but in school yes
only p.e. cuz i dont have any homework on that
yeah kind of