Which A. Nigma High Student Are You?

Take the test and find out which student on Detentionaire is most like you.

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Which A. Nigma High Student Are You?
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You've just been blamed for the high school prank of the century, your bookbag is the scene of the crime- how do we know it wasn't you?

You wouldn't have left any evidence.
Why? It's not like you have anything to prove,
everyone already knows you're great.
Why would you want to do a thing like that on such a
big day?
You could've pulled it off, but you're not looking for
Your friends would back you up. They know you
do it.
Ruin your clothes and your chances to get in with the
party people? No thanks.
Why would you do something so scary to your
in school?
Sounds like a lot of work for something that'd make
everybody hate you.

The Tatzelwurm is...

An unruly creature that ought to be locked up.
Pretty cool as long as it picks on someone its own
Freaky and annoying, but you're used to it. You like
telling people it ate some kids finger once. Its funny
every time.
The weirdest thing you could pick for a mascot, and
you're pretty sure that ugly green and yellow sweater
is animal abuse.
A hazard to have around students. What are they
feeding it?
A scary magical snake-demon that eats fingers!!!
You're not sure about it, but you don't think its as
as everyone else does.
Who cares about some stupid school mascot? People
should be looking at you.

If you could change the channel during morning news, what'd you switch over to?

Something current, or otherwise something
and real. No, not reality TV.
Something that was quality programming but it's been
off the air
That sci-fi thing they finally made into a movie. It's
pretty intense.
I like a little bit of everything, action, robots, zombies,
ninjas- zombies with robot ninja action. And maybe
some romance, you know, in case some people like
You're psyched about the music video your favourite
band just released.
Morning workout dance videos to start the day
Time to watch someone get trashed on the runway
atrocities against fashion. This school better have
It's a show with intrigue and drama, and a leading
that kicks serious can and always gets her man. Maybe
it's wish fulfillment, you don't care.

The class you're least likely to fail is...

You're actually pretty great at everything, especially
science. You're just waiting to see if any of this is
actually gonna come in handy.
Gym's a breeze. English, not so much. You've got skills,
but they aren't really academic.
Your skills are mainly technological, which is just
perfect since that's what you like best.
You're good in English Literature, probably how you
managed to talk your way into getting a better grade.
History is kinda your thing. People say it's boring but
they just need to try to see it your way.
Most definitely Art, you draw in all your other classes
Probably Social Studies or whatever you can get
passionate about. You consider yourself a
student even if it doesn't always come naturally.
You learned from that last Economics class that
don't matter in the real world. Wherever you're
headed, you can see yourself in charge.

Your cellphone broke because...

That stupid game is impossible to win! So maybe you
got a little disgruntled.
With your luck it probably dropped out of your
while you were in a hurry. Not like anyone's going to
believe you.
You probably did something silly like forgetting that
phones don't like to fall from way up high in the
It doesn't matter, you're getting a new one. You've
already picked it out.
You earned that phone! You'd never be careless
enough to
break it, unless you got a little wrapped up in
something interesting and forgot.
Sometimes you don't know your own strength. Sucks
cause it had the best apps.
Someone told you flip-phones were out of style so
'accidentally' dropped it down a flight of stairs.
You may have been forced to destroy it yourself since
the security of your secrets was threatened. You
thought it was foolproof!

You just got invited to a killer party, what's your plan of attack?

If they got good music, you dance. If they don't, you
mooch off their Wifi. You don't mingle.
Here's your chance to show off your moves and
with the coolest posse in the room.
You didn't get all dressed up to stand still like a sad
tree, time to dance like no-one's watching!
Make sure you're seen doing everything right. Dance
and maybe make conversation, just make it look fab
and flawless.
Give the room a once-over with your friends so you
can discuss the coolness factor. Try the punch and
Head for someone you know and chat, or listen for
interesting conversations. If there's nothing to do just
look around. Maybe they'll play something you'll like.
Find a good vantage spot so you can keep an eye on
everyone without having to talk to them. You have
'plans' for the evening.
Chill out with your friends. You'll probably find a wall
and stick to it. You're not much of a dancer but you
some good music.

You're at the amusement park on a Friday night. Which carnival ride is calling your name?

The rollercoaster, as long as there are more thrills
than spills, you're there.
The carousel is the best for you. You could spin
and around forever on those majestic horses. They
faster if you call them by their names.
The ferris wheel has the most perfect view. Plus, you
heard at least ten people have had their first kiss up
The haunted house is pretty scary, but you can't help
think of how much more fun it'd be with you at the
The shooting range is a good place to get your game
on, cowboy style. Plus if you give someone one of
those prize teddybears they'll totally make out with
you. You saw it on TV!
You can whip someone at go karts without even
trying, not like you try that stupid game anymore. You
guess since there's nothing better you'll go one or two
speed laps.
You like the gravitron but not the puke. You're killer
Bumper cars, they don't even let you on anymore.
Most of the rides there are such ripoffs but you always
love the chairplane. Last time you even let go of the

Your best friend is acting strange and avoiding you, what's up?

They know something. They'll never look at you the
same way again, that's for sure. You'll have to shut
them up somehow.
Are they keeping a secret from you? Maybe you
should follow them? You'll only confront them about
it if
you find proof.
Strange...you should probably interrogate them. If
they lie then the investigation's on. You hope your
hunch is right or else you'll be so embarrassed.
Maybe they are going to give you a most wonderful
surprise? Or maybe they're evil! Should you
them or hide?
No-one can hide a juicy secret from you. They'd better
in on whatever they know or you'll go nuclear on
You thought you were tight! Why would they keep
something from you? You don't need them. You
hang out with someone else to prove it.
People can have secrets if they want, besides if it
really was something interesting you'd know already,
otherwise you've got ways of making people talk.
It's something about you, isn't it? Confront them
it, offer them some of your info in return. If that
doesn't work find out who told them what and spread
rumour about them.

Someone starts a Down With You club. They're probably...

Scared, or they should be.
A bunch of nerds. Probably just messed with them
once or twice and they took it personal. You'll let
them have their fun as long as they don't actually try
to get to you.
Jealous. Part of you is excited that you're popular
enough to have haters, maybe you have dissed a few
people, but you're worried how many are on their
Just playing pretend, right? No-one could actually
hate you that much, right? You feel like you're going
to cry.
Trying to obstruct you from speaking your mind and
telling the truth,
they won't win. But you can't help but worry about
what they're planning...
Just a small group, right? As long as everybody else
thinks you're cool, it's fine. But if they try to make you
look bad they're going down.
A real thing? Wow, you can't imagine what you did to
them. What's their deal?
Just put themselves on the top of the social blacklist.
Probably just cause they're not in your circle. You're
not running a charity. Why can't some people just
accept their niche without complaining?

What cell phone app do you use the most?

There are too many to choose from, maps, music,
editing, even some funny ones. You're pretty tight
with your tech.
Game app. There's this one specific one you can't stop
You use text circle a lot, you don't want to miss out on
whatever your friends are talking about, or you start
to think they're saying things behind your back.
Audio recorder. You feel the need to record your
thoughts and observations
Shopping app. Going to the mall is fine but you can't
have everyone getting the same thing as you.
Is calling an app? You like to tell your friends hello even
if it's five minutes after you waved them goodbye.
You like to use the net pretty often, since there are
always seemingly average things you get the urge to
know more about.
An urban dictionary app to help your social
awkwardness. So you can blend in and
understand what everyone's talking about.

Your room is...

Where you can chill out, do videogames, sleepovers,
movie night, you name it. You practice your smooth
moves in front of the mirror.
Where you can finally de-stress and make sense of
things. You spend alot of time in here thinking about
your favourite series or just theorizing.
Where you can unwind after a stressful day of keeping
up with your friends. You go through your closet alot
to pick tomorrow's outfit.
One place you can be yourself, which is why no-one is
allowed there. You spend alot of time on your
computer, keeping tabs on your friends and enemies.
Another place where no-one notices you. You don't go
out much but you use the time to do your homework,
get organized, and practice your public speaking skills.
Where you can get some time to yourself, take care of
your hobbies and listen to your favourite songs over
and over.
Where you feel safe and happy and clean. You jump
on the bed or do different voices for your toys. You
like it best when your friends are over.
Boring. You'd rather be out but while you're there you
might as well flip channels or check out your updates.

The Dance is coming up, your ideal date is...

Just someone sweet and honest, who brings
something interesting to the conversation.
Someone cute who's up for socializing and having a
good time. You hope they think you're cool too.
Cute and they have something in common, they like
the same dumb stuff as you. They'll know you like them
without you having to get all mushy about it.
Nice and cute and smart and they'll give you a chance
even though you're really nervous. They'll be
themselves and have fun.
Someone who will look good on your arm and get you
some punch. They'll pay attention to you all night and
make sure to compliment everything from your outfit to
your eyes.
It'll be hard to find someone as cool and good-looking
as you are. They should make you laugh and be fun to
tease, but they'll also go out on a limb and make a
Someone sweet as candy, who understands you and
doesn't mind being the only two people in the room
singing and dancing like that. You don't have to say
anything because you're both lost in the same world.
Someone who won't be scared off by your true nature,
they could tell the real you all along.They'll dance with
you (and only you) and share in your obsessions.

Somebody ticked off the 15th graders and they're taking it out on everyone in the halls. One of them aims a waterballoon at your friend, who, unaware, is walking by with a report they need to hand in. What do you do?

Call out to them, maybe they'll notice in time and this
way you won't risk getting messed up. What? It's not
like they'd do the same for you.
Jump in front of it. No friend of yours is having their
day ruined on your watch.
You find a good place to watch and think of it as
punishment for that time they hung up on you. You
feel guilty for enjoying it this much since they were just
clueless in the wrong place at the wrong time.
You'll push them out of the way before it's too late,
they can pay you back by letting you exaggerate the
story a little when you tell people.
Tell the 15th Graders to pick on someone else. You
don't care if that's you.
You probably can't stop them now, but you can tell
someone what's going on. That way those bullies will
be punished and your friend can get an extension on
that report.
Don't do anything. It's not your fault they didn't look
out for
themselves. Maybe you'll help spruce them up
afterwards or find a way to get back at those losers.

Good music...

Lets you show off your dancing skills or think about
that one person you're so into right now.
Has some killer instrumentals and lines you thought
were pretty cool.
Has deep lyrics that really speak to you. You're the
only one that gets them. The vocals
are full of righteous fury.
Is cool. You don't care if it has a lot of dumb
sentimental lyrics it has. All it needs is a good hook, a
good beat and a good gimmick.
Has words that sound like your feelings so it makes
mood music. You might not know all the lyrics but you
know it's catchy and good to dance to.
Is a little number you remember from way back. It still
gives you nostalgic goosebumps when they play it on
the radio.
Is super emotionally relatable. When they sing that
song you feel like they're singing about your life in that
moment and you just roll around with the player on
Something that isn't your typical #1 hit or music video
full of wannabes. Originality and a really good style
always win you over and even make you think-sing

Time to join a club! Which one do you pick?

You're not into group activities. You don't always play
nice with others.
People who share the same passion and pursuit as
you? Sure you'll join. You hope they'll appreciate your
contribution. Maybe you'll even make some friends?
You'll probably give the group a hundred and ten
percent. Everyone will know you are the best team
player for the best team.
You have better things to do than stay at school after
school. You have a life.
You can't join, everyone would think you were some
kind of geek.
You'll have to play by all their rules and you'll lose
your independence. None of the clubs they have are
really your thing anyways.
If it was cool enough you'd be okay with being the
leader, as long as you wouldn't have to stay after
school or do stuff. You're just in it for the title.
You'll join, but only to get insider information. You don't
plan on getting too involved.

You hear some sounds coming from the wall at the back of the library. The first thing that comes to mind is...

"Someone's having a secret event and they forgot to
invite me!" Time to find party central and make an
"Probably just maintenance checks." you make a note
of it just in case.
"That doesn't make any sense..." you know this school
and there isn't a room there.
"Scary!" you run away to tell your friends.
"Someone's poking around where they shouldn't be."
you get anxious and start thinking up ways to stop
them finding out too many of your secrets.
"Probably just some nerds who think they found a
secret club room.So sad." you get out of the library
before any of their geekiness rubs off on you.
"Whatever, it's got nothing to do with me." you leave
and hope maybe they're finally putting in that VIP
bathroom spa.
"That's weird..." you go up to the wall and listen.
Maybe something's up.

What are people saying about you that isn't true?

People can't always tell when you're trying to be nice.
So they think you're this terrible person or something.
People act like you're self-absorbed. For their
information you're saving your attention for people
who actually seem like they care.
People think you're reckless and can't be trusted.
You don't think they even know who you are but you
think they think you're boring. It kinda starts to get to
You sometimes think some people make jokes about
you being weird, but you tell yourself you just sparkle
too brightly for their eyes.
They think you lose your temper if someone messes
with you, when what really makes you lose it is seeing
someone mess with someone you care about.
There's a rumour out there that you're a sellout, when
you know you have your friends' backs.
They think your intentions are nothing but innocent,
which is good since they're positively not.

A shadowy figure starts chasing you down a deserted hallway, what do you do?

Shout to them that they could knock into you if they
don't watch where they're going.
Stand your ground and step to the side at the last
Run to your nearest secret hiding spot. Anyone
chasing you probably knows too much for your good.
Try to distract them or give them small talk long
enough for someone to get you out of this.
Turn a corner to see if they're really after you. If they
are, find help.
Run screaming until they follow you outside, but hide
behind the door instead and close it behind them.
Ask them what they want, and if that doesn't work let
him chase you down a hallway, round a corner then
grab someone's skateboard and wait for impact.
Keep running until they're further behind, then try
sneaking into someplace dark where you can slip away.

What do your friends say about your sense of humour?

They say its mean, sometimes. Honestly they need to
stop taking things personally. You just like getting a
They usually call it immature, you think it's classic.
They usually tell you to stop, but getting on people's
nerves makes it that much more entertaining.
Sometimes your jokes are so corny you don't
understand why they make you laugh so much. But
when they tell you they're not up for your sense of
comedy, you tend to snap.
They don't usually get to hear your jokes. You think
they're pretty clever but you're usually your own
You don't really spend a lot of time joking around since
you have drama to deal with.
You can never tell whether your friends are being
serious or funny. You also make people laugh when
you are being serious so it's okay, right?
Most of the time you tell gutter jokes and crazy
stories. They don't always make sense but they crack
people up.

People can be confusing. One thing that you never get is...

When they're judgmental about everybody else to
make themselves
seem superior.
When they make promises or get someone's hopes up
just to let them down. It's like their way of saying they
don't even think you're worth the effort.
When people let everything stress them out instead of
just going with the flow. Its not even hard to do!
Why people feel the need to act so rebellious instead
of just accepting their fate and consequences. That's
what you'd do.
Why people want to keep their feelings a secret.
Especially good feelings!
Why people can be so mean to people who they don't
even know, when they never did anything to them.
When people can't take criticism. The world isn't going
to sugarcoat it, you have to be mentally tough.