Not Your Average Hogwarts Life. (Part 1) (1)

Not Your Average Hogwarts Life. (Part 1) (1)

Death Eaters Kidnap your Best Friend For no Reason.... Dementors appear in your Hometown.... Goblins take a 'Little' break from Gringotts... Your Best Friend gets put under the Imperius Curse... It's Not Average. You Get Made fun of By the Daily Prophet... Your Name Randomly Appears out of The Goblet (And your Underage.) ... You Mysteriously wake up in a Dark Room... It's Never, Ever Average. (Girls Only!)

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What Do you want your Name to be?

What Do you want your Name to be?
Quinn Thomas!
Taylor Willows!
Valorie Jackson!
Elizabeth Willows!
Morgan Goodwill!
Addy Newman!
Briana Skater!
Camille Victorious!
Daphne Opals!
Eleanor Robin!
Faith West!

Which of these is like you? (Features)

Which of these is like you? (Features)
Grey eyes, and Brown hair (With Bangs)
Brown Eyes, and Light Brown Hair (Without Bangs)
Straight blonde Hair and Brown eyes (No Bangs)
Curly Blonde Hair (Without Bangs) and Brown eyes.
Shoulder Length Straight blonde Hair (Without Bangs) And Brown eyes.
Kinda Long Light Brown hair (Without Bangs), and Blue Eyes.
Straight Carmel Brown Hair (Without Bangs) and blue/grey eyes.
Kinda Wavy Blonde Hair, Unknown/Other Eye Color. (Without Bangs)
Wavy Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes. (Without Bangs)
Really Curly Blonde Hair (Without Bangs), and Brown Eyes.
Straight Brown/Black Hair (Without Bangs), and Brown Eyes.

What Sounds less Painful?

What Sounds less Painful?
Having your Best Friend being Kidnapped, and you trying to Rescue her.
Dementors Appearing in your Hometown.
Reading About Goblins who take a 'Little' Break from Gringotts and trying to Save them.
Having An Imperiused Best Friend and trying to get her "Unimperiused"
Being made fun of by the Daily Prophet.
Your Name Randomly appearing from out of the Goblet (And your Not of Age.)
Mysteriously waking up in a Dark room without a Wand.
Looking for Someone who was Kidnapped.
Trying to save an Imperiused Friend.
Fighting off Dementors
Rescuing a Stray, Injured animal on the Street that a Dark Wizard attacked.

What Color is your Favorite? *Runs behind a Chair*

What Color is your Favorite? *Runs behind a Chair*
Lime Green.
Sky Blue.
Light Purple/Lavender

Name you want? (Again)

Name you want? (Again)
Q u i n n T h o m a s.
swolliW rolyaT (Taylor Willows Backward)
Jackson, Valorie
E-l-i-z-a-b-e-t-h W-i-l-l-o-w-s!
Morgan Goodwill!
namweN yddA (Addy Newman.)
B r i a n a S k a t e r
camille victorious
DaPhNe oPaLs.
Robin Eleanor! I mean Eleanor Robin.
Faith West!