Are You Nice Or Mean? (1)

Are You Nice Or Mean? (1)

This quiz determines how nice or how mean you are,and if it has mean tough tofu.and please follow me thxs

published on January 31, 201353 responses 16 4.7★ / 5

If there was a boy that dropped his books what woud you do?

Help him wit his stuff
look and keep walking
none of the above

If your friend was in a mid life crisis and she didn't know what to do what would you tell her?

I wud say i have problems that are even worst get outta my face
Tell her to cheer up and lets go to lunch and have fun
Let her know that every thing is gonna be ok
walk away because ur not getting full attention

If your friend didn't have any money to buy lunch and you had a twenty dollar bill in your pocket you wud

Keep it for my self and watch them starve
Give her two dollars and get it over wit
Don't let them know that you have money

Your friends period is on but she didn't know and you have an extra pad in your purse wud you

give one to her
let her call her mom
say hell no

Your best friend gets into a fight you

help her beat someones butt
watch it and see who wins
break it up