What Kind of K-Pop Fan Are You?

There are many types of fans, and in the K-Pop World, we all know how crazy some fans can be. So what type of fan are you? *Disclaimer, the creator intends no harm with this quiz.

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What Kind of K-Pop Fan Are You?
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How many K-pop bands do you know?

One or two, maybe three...
Quite a few. Some I know well, others I just listen to the occasional song.
A lot. I know the names and faces of many bands, and I listen to their music.
I know everything there is to know about one or two bands. I mean EVERYTHING.
Um...None? Well there is that Psy guy...

Do you belong to a fandom, or do you perceive yourself to belong to a fandom?

What do you mean 'perceive'? I AM part of the fan group, I signed up and pay monthly fees and receive extra benefits!
Well I'm not the official page, but I'm part of other forums...I can't pay each month, broke fan. :(
Yeah, I'd say I'm part of a fan group...I mean, I like their music so I'm their fan right?

JYP, SM or YG Entertainment?

SM/JYP/YG all the way! The others suck!
Eh, I like groups from all three companies and from others too. No point limiting myself, there's plenty of stuff to enjoy.
Aish...Are you trying to start another fan war? *shakes head*
I like JYP/SM/YG, I just like their music better than the others I guess.
None, I like the smaller companies.
I don't really like the 'company', I like the individual groups.
What the heck does that mean?

There is a K-Pop concert scheduled about two hours drive away from your house. All of your favourite K-Pop bands are going. But the tickets are rather pricy: $89 for Bronze, $139 for silver, $189 for Gold, $289 for V.I.P seating, and $300 for Mosh pit. Will you go, and which seat would you buy?

I would love to go! But...Parents won't let...Sigh...
Bah, too expensive, I have better things to spend my money on.
I'm definitely going! And into the Moshpit! Might as well make the most of it, my biases are coming!
Of course I'd go, but I can't afford the expensive stuff...So probably Bronze or Silver.
V.I.P definitely, Moshpit is too crowded...
I'll go, Gold seats. Close enough, but not too expensive.
Is that even a question? I'd find out their schedule, go to the airport to see them, and then find out where they're going after/before so I can follow them. Maybe I could sneak in while they're practising or something. Moshpit definitely! Then I'll be able to touch them *drools*.

Which of these best describes your K-pop collection:

1. I have posters of my favourite group and bias all over the walls. There's a full-sized one too :D I have stacks of albums and concerts too. Oh and there's that glow stick from the last concert.
2. I have some posters on my wall, there's a single and an album lying around somewhere.
3. I got posters, full-sized cutouts, every album of my fav group, every single, mini-album and drama that they're in. I even have some rather...exclusively private images too *giggle*, if you know what I mean...My oppa in the shower kyaaaa.
4.Most of my K-pop collection is electronic. I got songs on my itunes, got music videos, got a bunch of variety shows/dramas downloaded. I got a few posters too, but well...K-pop stuff is expensive...
5.I have a few songs, some music videos...That's it.
6.Um...I've seen that Gangnam Style vid...

On a Music Video of your favourite group, some person left a comment bashing your idol and calling them 'fake' and 'talentless', while praising another group. What do you do?

Ignore them, just another idiot trying to start trouble.
Try to be diplomatic, defending your idol and pointing out the holes in the others arguments, while simultaneously embarrassing them about their atrocious grammar and spelling.
How dare they spread these vicious lies! Defend your idol while bashing the person and the group that they're promoting on YOUR idol's video. If they like another group, then they should go comment on that group's video.
You don't waste time fighting against idiots, you go onto your online network and inform the rest of your fandom. You have a connection with a computer expert that could probably find the IP address of that commenter and track them down. They will PAY for that.
Laugh it off, why am I even on this video?

Your favourite group's new Music Video comes out tomorrow! Around 2am tomorrow...Do you:

Stay up till 2am, I will be one of the first to watch it!
Watch it the first thing tomorrow morning!
Watch it whenever I get the chance.
2am tomorrow? Ha! I've got cameras in their practise rooms, I've seen it already...While they're in their casual clothes, one of them was shirtless xD
...I don't have a favourite group.

If your favourite group is coming to your city to film a drama, and they're within train/bus distance from you, what would you do?

Huh? They're coming? When did this happen? Why didn't anyone tell me!? Noooo! I missed it!
Oh yeah that...I have school that day :(
Psht, I know about that ages ago. I've figured out where they're staying and booked a hotel room right next to them. Then when they're sleeping, kyaaaa.
Oh I am totally going to see how close I can get. Maybe I can get an autograph!
Who are these people again?

You're the only person in your friendship circle that listens to K-pop. Your friends think that it's weird and wonder why you're so obsessed. How do you react?

Show them exactly how awesome this is! With all the music videos, kick-ass songs, dramas, variety shows, etc. Other artists don't even work half as hard as your idols do!
Eh whatever, they have the right to like whatever they like. I don't care. I know my idols are awesome and that's that.
I'm the friend that thinks K-pop is weird.
Weird? Like they can talk. Point out that you don't see K-pop idols going around drunk, beating up women or dressing up in meat-costumes.
I gave up loong ago. They will never understand the awesome-ness that is K-pop...

If you could ask your favourite idol to do one thing for you, just one thing and they have to do it no matter what it is. What would it be?

Sign all of my albums/posters, and a photo with them, and shake my hand, and can I get a hug? and...Oh wait...one thing...hehe...
Ooh, a concert! My own personal concert with just me and my friends!
Anything?...Anything at all? Weeellll....There's this love hotel nearby and...xD
All of their future singles/albums FREE for the rest of their career. Hell yeah!
Hm...I don't know who that is, but he/she is hot and famous, so I'll get a photo, maybe an autograph and brag on facebook xD