Are you a Sith or Jedi?

Are you a Sith or Jedi?

Find out whether your personality best matches varying types of Jedi or Sith.

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A drunk man begins to threaten a young lady with a knife outside a restaurant, demanding she return his phone. She defiantly yells back she has not got it. What do you do?

Demand the lady return the drunken mans phone,
without hesitation, or provide him with something of
equal worth.
Call the local authorities.
Call the local authorities and attempt to disarm the
Disarm the man and ensure he stays down with a well-
placed knee to the groin.
Call the authorities, attempt to coax the man into
dropping his knife and get both sides of the story.

Your friend falls off a cliff at the beach, landing in water. He cannot swim due to a heavy rip, and is barely staying afloat. How do you react?

Dive right in after them! Together, you are certain to
be able to swim back to shore.
Climb down the cliff face and pull them back up to the
wall, they can climb up with you.
Run to get help, or enlist the assistance of a nearby
Call for an ambulance, then scale down the cliff wall
and keep them afloat until help arrives.

Your friend is going out with your crush. They both know about your feelings for the crush, but have decided to pursue their own. How do you deal with this?

Continually cause fights between the two in any way
you can, making their life a misery.
Accept that they have betrayed your trust but remain
friends. You will not let your emotions break you or a
Give their relationship your blessing and support it
whenever you can. It is rare for love to happen.
Be bitter, but accept their relationship. Do not see
your friend when they have your crush with them.

If you could have one wish out of the following, which would it be?

Greater wisdom to make decisions with.
Compliance with your ideals, so that none may argue
or pose a threat.
More compassion and wisdom in civilisation.
The ability to protect who you care for, regardless of
all others.

The person you love most is dying. There is a cure to the disease they have, but the government refuses to administer it because it has not passed all the tests, and has a small chance of causing more pain. What do you do?

Stay with the person and grieve when they are lost,
but eventually move on.
Blackmail the official in charge of the cure to give it to
you, then administer it. If it doesn't work, you can
place the blame on the official.
Steal the cure and give it to the loved one. You cannot
just sit there and watch them die!
Help desperately with the trials and research, so that
the bureaucrats can give it to them.

A mentally ill child begins to have a temper tantrum at a local shopping centre. They inadvertently hit you, not understanding. What do you do?

Ease away from the child and attempt to calm them
down with the advice of the carer/guardian.
Block any of their attacks and restrain them until they
calm down, trying not to hurt them in the process.
Call security to assist you and the carer/guardian
calming the person down.
Stare with the rest of the crowd in cold curiosity.

The greatest strength is...

Strength of mind
Strength of body
Strength of soul
Strength of resolve

A child at your school beats you up daily,and humiliates you with degrading insults to family members. How do you deal with this?

Teachers never work. I'm going to make sure he pays,
next time he throws a punch, I'm throwing them back.
Report him to the teacher and attempt to resolve the
problem by bringing in parents as mediators.
Defend yourself, and attempt to talk him out of
bullying through moral arguments.
Allow him to beat you one last time, then tell the
teacher, exaggerating the injuries. When at home, tell
your parents too, and stir up as much trouble as you
can for the brat.

You sit an exam for your favourite subject, but the teacher did not cover the content that is included. What do you do?

Walk out of the test immediately, contact the Education Department and report the teacher.
Bring the error to the teacher's notice immediately and attempt to do it based on logic and previous knowledge.
Refuse to sit the test and encourage others to boycott it too.
Let the teacher know after the exam, trying to complete it in the meantime.
Laugh and troll the answers.

You find a wallet on the ground. It has precisely $30 in it, yet no identification at all. What do you do?

Take it to the police station.
Pick it up and ask around the local area for the owner.
Take the money, and leave the wallet.
Leave the wallet. You need not concern yourself.

You find a homeless family on the street. They have recently been evicted from their home by a landlord, yet they have done nothing wrong. What is your response?

The landlord is well within his rights to evict whomever
he chooses to. An unfortunate but legal situation.
Direct the family to a homeless shelter or charity, and
attempt to negotiate with the landlord.
Give them directions to a homeless shelter or charity,
and buy them some food. Then, let'shave a "talk" with
this landlord...
Escort them to the homeless shelter then contact the
charity, informing them of the family's situation.
Attempt to contact the landlord to let him know of the
trouble he's caused.

A child runs past you, stealing a wheelchair-bound lady's handbag. You confront him, and he says he only wanted to buy a toy. What do you do?

Knock the kid on his ass and give the lady back her
Give the lady her bag, and lecture the child over the
morality of his decision.
Take the child to the police and ensure he gets
punished for thieving the bag.
Give the bag back to the lady and let her deal with him.

Which of the following best describes your attitude towards loyalty?

Loyal to a code of honour and to those of a greater
Loyal to your own honour and the honour of your
Loyal to yourself, you will protect yourself from harm
by any needs.
Loyal to your friends, you would break any code to
save the ones you care for.