What do others think of you?

What do others think of you?

This quiz will help explain if you people find you as caring, lovable, and nice, or a big mean bully.

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Approximately how many friends would you say you have?

I can't count them all!
Let's see... um... 0.

Where do you sit in a classroom?

Up front
Wherever there's an open seat
Near my friends
In the back

If you had to use one word to describe yourself, what would it be?


What afterschool activity are you involved in or would like to be involved in?

Sign Language Club
School Play
Computer Club
Any type of Sports

When are you usually picked for sports' teams

1st or 2nd
I'm the captain! I pick the teams!

How long can you hold your breath WITHOUT TESTING IT RIGHT NOW

30 seconds to a minute
6 minutes!
10 seconds
I don't know!