What Pewdiepie character are you? (1)

What Pewdiepie character are you? (1)

See who are you really like Stephano,Piggeh,Amnesia,The Barrels,Slender,Anna or Ruben

published on January 30, 201360 responses 16 4.8★ / 5

You would rather

Lead Pewdie's way
Say something
Watch Pewdie
Rape Pewdie
Chase Pewdie
Joke pewdie

When Pewdie sees you... He will say... P.S this is a monster

gaaah!!!! NO RAPE ME!
Ay! Shet! Run Run Run!
Ah! Chop chop chop chop CHOP!

You would rather say.... (easy if only you watch ton of videos of Pewdie)

Follow me Pewdie
I'm Pumped! I'm Pumped!
Say Nothing just watch and follow him
It's Raping time
Sup Pewdie!

Thanx Bros' It's the ending!

aww man :(
aww c'mon i wanna be pumped!
aww yes!
aww men c'mon bro!

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