What season are you? (3)

What season are you? (3)

Winter, Spring,Summer,Fall?? So many CHOICES! Which one are you? This quiz tells you what season you are.

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How do you act in school?

How do you act in school?
I break all of the rules!
I always make strait A's!
I'm always a good classmate and friend!
I make people feel bad.

Could you keep a secret?

Could you keep a secret?
Yes! I hope it has to do with math!!
Of course! I would NOT let my bestie down! But if it can hurt people, I'll tell.
yayaya...but I'm not really always trusted with secrets because I kinda let them slide when I'm excited hehehe!!
Ya, but if it means my friend gets embarrased, I WILL totally tell!

What do people describe you as?

What do people describe you as?
very sweet/nice
wild/can't be tamed!

What is your fave music

What is your fave music
uh, this question is STUPID!!!! I hate you.
oh, whatever is appropriate. Maybe dance or pop.
um... maybe classical orr MATH!!!!

would you talk to your crush?

um... NO WAY!!! I get scared!
uh duh! I would tell him/her their STUPID!!!!
um... maybe. It depends on if he's nice.
OHHH OF COURSE!!! I LUV talking!!

What is your fave subject in school?

Oh... (this one's my favorite!) EVERYTHING!!
maybe choir or reading.
REALLY?? uhhh...
ok of course...
P.E. cause you get to be WILD and CRAZY!!!