wich one direction boy is your future husband?

wich one direction boy is your future husband?

heyyy heeyy heyy!!! im a directioner so here is a quiz to see who your one direction husband is!

published on January 30, 2013146 responses 37
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wich describes you best?

Care free, thats me!! :)
I never take life to seriously! :) YOLO
I always think i have a choice to live or exsist!! :)
I am the smart one out of my friends but can be quite cheeky! :)
I am quite mysterious its hard to figure me out ( HAHA IM THE NEW BELLA SWAN!!) i am isecure but like to look in the mirror! i focus alot on my hair!!

If you and you r friend both liked the same guy how would you deal with it!

A mean game of scrabble! :)
Rock paper scissors! :)
Talk about it! :)
Who ever see's him first gets him! :)
Move on and nobody gets him but if he asks one of you out your aloud to say yes! :)

What do you like in guys! :)

pretty boys! :)
smart guys! :)
cute guys! :)
Guys who are hot :)
Guys who are funny! :)

pick 5 friends includeing yourself who u know there birthdays were do you come in?

Second youngest!:)
Second oldest! :)
MIDDLE!!!! :)
oldest! :)
younest :)

Whats your favourite colour?

Orange! :)
Green! :)
Purple! :)
red! :)
other! :)

On a free day what do you do?

spend time with the family (we are very close)
spend time with friends and pop in to see the family but mostly chill with mates!
spend time with your boyfriend and see family!
chill at home!
have tea with family before staying at your boyfriends