How ninja are you?

How ninja are you?

A test to determine how much of a ninja you are. It will include mental, as well as physical skills.

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How do you make a closed fist when punching something/someone?

Keep fist relaxed, your knuckles uneven and pointed, and your thumb inside the fist (between your fingers and hand).
Keep fist relaxed, your knuckles uneven and pointed, and your thumb placed horizontally on top of your fingers.
Keep fist relaxed while throwing the punch and tight upon impact. Keep knuckles flat, wrist locked, and thumb placed horizontally on top of your fingers.
Keep fist tight, knuckles flat, wrist relaxed, and thumb placed horizontally on top of your fingers.

If you were to sneak into a compound or building, how would you do it?

Break a window and climb through.
Pick the lock to the front door.
Break a window on one of the upper floors and climb through.
Pick the lock to a side or back door.

Do you have good endurance running and/or swimming?

Yes, i run and/or swim regularly and am quite good at it.
I am a decent runner and/or swimmer and train on occasion.
I am not very good at running and/or swimming and do not train for either.
I can't swim and have trouble running for more than a few minutes.

Are you a good lire?

Yes, i am very confident that i could lie to most people without then noticing.
I am a pretty good lire and could deceive the majority of people.
Most people can tell when i am lying.
I can't even lie about the smallest things to anyone.

Do you have any experience on computers getting past security systems, firewalls or computer hacking in general?

Yes, i have lots of experience and skill in computer hacking.
I have quite a bit of theoretical knowledge on the subject but not much experience.
I know very little about computer hacking.
I hardly now how to check my email.

Do you practice hand-to-hand combat?

Yes, i have a friend/relative/sibling/guardian that teaches me how to take care of myself and i practice on occasion.
I have no idea what i would do if i got in a fight.
I practice regularly under the supervision and guidance of a master in a particular martial art and also know how to apply the skills.
I don't know much technique but i think i would do alright in a physical confrontation.

In order from best to worst, what are the most effective types of weapons (not including shooting weapons).

Blunt, throwing, slashing, thrusting.
Throwing, thrusting, slashing, blunt.
Thrusting, slashing, throwing, blunt.
Slashing, throwing, thrusting, blunt.

Do you know how to pick a lock?

Yes, and have experience doing so.
No, i would have no idea what to do.
Yes, but only in theory.
I have a very small amount of knowledge on the subject.

What is your fitness level on a scale from 1 to 10?

below 3

What experience do you have climbing/scaling structures?

I go rock climbing, tree climbing, and have scaled small buildings before and am quite good at it.
I tried to climb a tree once, but fell.
I climb trees or small cliffs every once and a while and am pretty good at it.
I climb trees or small cliffs every once and a while but am not very good at it.

How much experience do you have surviving in the outdoors?

I go hunting, fishing, camping on a regular basis and have many skills needed to survive in the outdoors.
I go hunting, fishing, camping on occasion and would fair pretty well in a survival situation.
I don't like the outdoors very much, but i think that i would be able to survive for a little while.
I can't even pitch a tent.

How flexible are you on a scale from 1 to 10?

Below 3

In a fight, where is the best location to place the first kick?

The shin, knee, or inner thigh.
The groin.
The stomach, chest, or head.
The elbow or shoulder.

Do you know how to pick-pocket?

Yes, I have a lot of experience and am very good at it.
I am pretty good at it, but only at taking basic objects from easy to get at places.
I don't have much knowledge or experience in pick-pocketing but could probably learn.
I don't know how to pick-pocket at all and don't think i would be any good at it.

What is your vertical jump? (to measure this, you must measure how high you can reach, then jump and see how high you can reach while jumping and find the difference between the two measurements).

60cm or higher.
50cm to 59cm.
40cm to 49cm.
less than 39cm.

How long can you hold your breath under water (actually test this because most people think that they can hold their breath longer than they actually can)?

two minutes or more.
Between one and two minutes.
Between thirty seconds and one minute.
Less than thirty seconds.

Do you consider yourself coordinated?

Yes, i am very coordinated.
I am pretty coordinated.
I do not have very good coordination.
I have terrible coordination (I fall down the stairs every day)

If there is a thirty foot rope hanging vertically from a structure, how far could you climb it?

All the way to the top.
Only a few feet.
About half way.
All the way to the top without using my legs.

Do you condition your hands, forearms, shins, chest,...(by conditioning i mean strengthen through intense exercises such as hitting sand bags or doing knuckle push ups).

Yes, very consistently.
On occasion.
Not really, although i hit a punching bag once and a while.
Not at all.

Which is the best kind of fist to make while striking something/someone?

Sunflower fist (fist vertical).
Boxers fist (fist horizontal).
Doesn't really matter.
There is more than one type of fist?