Are you a real bro?

Are you a real bro?

Let us see if you are a real BRO of Pewdie. it's ok if you are not just watch more vids of pewdie.

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Who is Stephano?

THE STATUE! that pewdie always bring ;)
uhrmm.. idk
umm pEWDIE'S yellow friend?

Is Pewdie Friends with the barrels?

Yes of course, what's the matter with barrels they are good :D me: ok please stop grinning

What does Piggeh says when he's happy?

he says " I'm Pumped! I'm Pumped!"
Erm he says " YAY I'M HAPPY PEWDIe!"

Who is Farsia?

Frasia... THE TRAIN!
erm... idk can we skip this question? Me:-.-

What is Pewdie's REAL first name?


Last: What does Pewdie do at the ending of his Videos?