Another PPG Personality Quiz

Another PPG Personality Quiz

Welcome to this quiz! Ready to find out which Powerpuff Girl are you? Answer these provided questions to make you ready for the final! Check your Powerpuff personality!

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What do you do when a friend is being bullied?

Don't really matter
I'd rather report to a teacher
I would help them
I would make the bully bully me instead
Kick them
Tell the friend to ignore them

When a friend invites you to a party, what is your answer?

Go with them
Reject them, I've got a lot to work
I have plenty of issues
Go and then leave
Agree to stay with them to make them happy
I have schedules

What if you had a role on stage?

Make a boring and informative speech
I have stage fright
Leave that role away
I would rather have fun on stage
Go take it and finish it so nothing worries me
Make it the best stage day ever

Do you get jealous of your friends?

Nothing beats me
I'm jealous of other people having too many
I am only jealous for reasons

What if somebody stole your love?

Yell at them
I don't like romance
I don't even talk about it
Make them regret that person like I did
What if I broke up with that person and is not
someone stealing him/her?
I would still have feelings

When someone steals your candy, what is most likely to happen?

Tell them I don't like candy
Follow that person until he gives it back
Ask that person nicely to return it

What of you failed college?

No way
I'd rather move on taking a job
Take it again
Retake my mistakes
Whatever, my life is over
Let my parents teach me

What if you are in a middle of a desert

Eat sand to survive
Move on, no matter what it takes
I would think of reaching my goal
Die there and no one will remember me

What do you like to do when your pastime starts?

Play video games
I'd rather study
Listen to music
Chat with my friends
Play ball
Do my homework

Would you be sad if your parents no longer live with you?

Start my own life of course
No, as long as I can take care of myself
I would, and I would visit them ASAP

Which career best suits you?

Police officer, detective
Lawyer, scientist
Artist, doctor, singer
Chef, waiter, actor
Governor, judge
Champion, game designer