Would You Survive the Hunger Games? (1)

Would You Survive the Hunger Games? (1)

This quiz will truly test you on your wilderness survival skills! So will you die a painful death, or emerge the Victor?

published on January 27, 2013108 responses 19
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Do you ally with anyone? Who? It's risky either way...

The Careers, of course!
I prefer going solo...
Someone from my district.
Anyone tough who's not a career.

You have the supplies you need. You look around and there's a couple of rivers/streams, and some forest. What do you do?

Stay at the Cornicopia with my career buddies! Duhhh.
Run into the forest and climb a tree.
Collect as much water as possible before heading to cover.

The timer's gone off! "Let the __ Hunger Games...Begin!!!What do you do?

Head straight for the center of the Cornicopia.
Run away as fast as I can!
Grab whatever is at my feet and run.
Look around for a moment and run towards any water I see.
Go for my favorite weapon, then run away.
Kill as many tributes as I can with my bare hands before they kill me!

You find an uknown food source. You...

Eat it! I'm so hungry!!!
Pass it by. It could be poisonous...
Watch carefully to see if any other animals eat the food. If they do, then it's probably safe to eat...

When you see an unfriendly tribute, you...

Run Away!
Climb a tree and shoot down at them.
Engage in combat! OH YEAH!
Try to ally with them...

What district are you from?

1, 2, 3, or 4
5, 6, or 7
8, 9, 10, or 11