what dress are you? (1)

what dress are you? (1)

this quiz is about seeing which dress fits you... hope you like it and have fun!=)

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what kind of dress do you like?

short dresses
i don't know. don't really wear dresses
dresses that show off my curves

how do you dress?

shorts/dresses/just girly clothes
skinny jeans with a simple top
skinny jeans with black lose t-shit
the hottest brand clothes

what type of girl are you in school?

talks to everyone/knows everybody in school
only has one best friend/likes to be hidden
has at lest 5 good friends/essay to talk to
like to show off to everyone

what type of girl do you think you are?

party girl
simple girl
shy girl
shows off type of girl

what color would you be?

hot pink
doesn't matter
all the bright colors